Rose Gold Hair by Apgujeong Hair Studio

I’m saying goodbye to black hair for now and welcoming a new colour for spring & summer and Apgujeong Hair Studio helped me make this happen.

During my entire stay in Singapore, I only made 3 salon appointments and 2 of them were at the Apgujeong Korean Hair Salon. They have 7 branches in the island and the one that I’ve tried is their Punggol Waterway Point branch.


Since I’ve been wearing a long hair for more than 5 years now, I decided to get a short do just for a change – colour included. And because I wanted a rose gold colour, Paul (hair stylist) advised that he need to bleach my hair… twice. Yes. twice.

After the second bleach, we took a 20-minute break before he finally applied the colour, then after the wash, I went for a Mucota hair treatment that I really love. I tried Mucota treatment from them last year and after my treatment, my hair felt the healthiest. It basically makes your hair soft, bouncy and shiny. Since I bleached my hair twice in a day, I opted to get it. Too bad that I didn’t get to take photos while they were doing the process (because I felt shy to do it since the salon was very busy on a Saturday afternoon, but let me promise you that on my next Mucota session, I will update these deets and share the photos with you!)

Photos using Sony A6300

Apgujeong Salon Waterway Punggol

apgujeong salon review_11

Apgujeong Salon Waterway Punggol

Apgujeong Salon Waterway Punggol


After spending almost 7 hours at the salon, I’m really happy with their service and the way my hair turned out. Here are some other things that I liked about Apgujeong Hair Salon @ Punggol Waterway Point:

They have friendly staff & their stylists are patient on what you want for your hair. They treat their clients professionally and they listen and let you explain what you want and that’s really important. I, for one, is scared that my hair might turn into a disaster if there will be a miscommunication. But most importantly we, as clients, should also learn to listen to what the stylists are trying to advice. After all, they know what they’re doing and it’s their job to make you the prettiest. If, however, you aren’t comfortable with the style, then make sure that you’re head, too.

Second, they explain the steps/treatments that you will have and ask if you’re comfortable or if your scalp is a bit itchy (mine was because of the bleach) and I like that because they are concerned.

Lastly, they will offer you deals but if you refuse, then will courteously stop. Again, I’m one of those people who hate hard selling, like SERIOUSLY. I trust my own judgement and I’ll get something if I feel that I need it and no need to push on my face.

There goes my experience with Apgujeong Hair Salon at Punggol Waterway Point. If you want to try their service, I highly recommend that you do the Mucota treatment and if you’re visiting this branch, you can look for Carol or Paul (they were the stylist who took care of my hair in my previous visits). Check out their rates here.

Apgujeong Hair Studio @ Waterway Point
Tel: +65 6385 8957


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