Quick Review: Natasha Denona Blush Duo Palette #2

This is my first solo review for a blush but don’t worry, I promise that it¬†will be quick. ūüėČ

My very first ND product was the limited edition¬†Star Palette (review here) and because I’m a very satisfied client, I wanted to explore for more products. Since I was eyeing for a nice, pink blush so I picked palette #2 thru Beautylish¬†and thought it’s gonna be a perfect match for my¬†New Year’s Eve outfit.

Natasha Denona_ Blush Duo Palette #2 Review

Natasha Denona Blush Duo 

The soft and silky texture of this blusher gives a natural and bright look to the skin’s complexion. This duo blusher palette provides a dominant color (right side) and a more subtle color (left side) for blending and softening edges.



Frankly, I was a bit disappointed when I first used this because of the following reasons:

1. Scent

As you all know, I¬†prefer scent-free makeup and this one has quite a strong flowery smell.¬†ūüėĚ

2. Powder Kick

Yep, it has a lot of powder kick and it seemed chalky, too.

3. On Pigmentation

This is the saddest part when I first tried it because I expected a highly-pigmented blush but I got disappointed because it took me, and I kid you not!, 5 or more dips before the colour showed up on my cheeks!

How subtle is subtle??


You can just imagine my reaction while applying it when I was doing my makeup then.¬†ūüėāūüėā So to make it short, I thought I made the wrong decision on purchasing this blush.

Fast forward to February 2017, I gave it another shot and actually used it twice and to my surprise, I was blown away as if it was my first time to try the product again! Then, I realised the difference when I used it before as compared to how I applied it lately.


On my first try, I was only wearing a powder foundation with no primer. I remember testing other products that day. Unlike the recent looks, I applied my makeup properly Рprimer, foundation and all that jazz.

This was the recent look that I was talking about. Check full details here.


You can see that it’s still subtle but much visible compared to the previous photo. Plus, it only took 1-2 swipes of the brush to have this pink cheeks.


One thing I noticed is that since this is a powder product, it clings well¬†to¬†the skin when you’re using a liquid foundation (especially if you are using a dewy/satin¬†foundation). ¬†This particular set can be worn daily at¬†work or whenever you go for errands. ¬†It gives life to your cheeks and you can easily pick a subtle lip colour (or bold ones)¬†to match.

You can use the 2 shades separately or together for an ombre effect.


Despite the flowery smell (that I hate), I love the product,¬†I’m very satisfied and it’s worth the tag price.¬†

  • finely-milled¬†
  • intense¬†pigmentation
  • Easy to use and blend
  • can last almost 8 hours of wear
  • has 19 shades to choose from
  • paraben-free
  • allergen-free
  • cruelty-free

Each ND Blush Duo is sold at 38 USD and you can get yours thru Beautylish & Natasha Denona website.

It wasn’t love at first application, but after understanding it more, I definitely see a good relationship with this one. ūüėČ


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