Truths About Being A Non-Paid Beauty Blogger

A lot of people may think that being a beauty blogger is all fancy and fun, and yeah sure. It’s fun! but there are things that they didn’t know like the process, cost, etc. It may start as a hobby but later on, it changes. So this post is all about the things that I’ve learned in the past 3 years as I transitioned to a full-time beauty (& lifestyle) blogger.

Truths About Being a Beauty Blogger

Let’s start with my disclaimer that I’m a beauty & lifestyle blogger but all the product and service reviews that were featured on this site are bought and paid by me. Though I’m open to collaborations and sponsored reviews, that hasn’t happened YET (hence the title).  😀

While it’s easy to create a blog account, maintaining one is difficult. I’ve had a number of blogs in the past and I created them when I was very sad or lonely and they were the place where I would rant and curse the bad things about life then after that – gone. Forgotten. Then I will create another. And another. And another. was originally created in 2010 but I used it seriously in August of 2014.

When you create a blog you can start writing or posting the things you want but as you go on, you’ll need a sense of direction. Is it about lifestyle? Is it a beauty blog? Travel or photography? prose & poetry? Perhaps, technology? You can choose whatever you want and it’s anything under the sun!

For me, I concentrated with beauty & lifestyle, mostly focused on makeup & skin care because it’s my passion. I (obviously) love makeup and from time to time, I share my travel experiences.


Now, coming up with a post may look like easy-peasy to you and yes, it can be easy if you don’t care much about aesthetics. You can just write, add photos and post! But my process is a little bit complicated because I take aesthetics seriously. I want a site that looks clean and professional.


This is where you can finally use that planner! 😀 You have to organise and plan so you can keep track of the things you do.

Also, take the time to “brainstorm” even if you are alone if that makes sense? I usually take at least day or two in a week and sometimes I would go out so I’ll have a change of environment.

Lastly, keep a list or outline the things that you want to post and from there you’ll know how to attack the ideas.



Of course, you must know the latest trends, brands & techniques. Just like any kind of work, you have to hone your craft and upgrade your skills. Therefore, you still have to read, watch videos and practice, practice, practice.


Regardless if you’re a paid or non-paid blogger, you’ll still shell out your own money because it’s like your capital. Being a beauty blogger will definitely cost you that’s why I only review the stuff that I really like. It’s rare to find things that I don’t like on my blog because I’m very particular to the items that I buy and try. After all, it’s my own spending. It’s okay to be curious, but don’t forget to be wise.

It’s okay to be curious, but don’t forget to be wise.

Truths About Being a Beauty Blogger

Here is a sample list of the things that I paid for when I set up my site:

  • Platform/website 
    • paid yearly
  • Blog Theme
  • Adobe Photoshop
    • because I need to process photos and label them.
  • Lights
  • Vanity dresser
  • Make-up & skin care 
    • You purchase a number of things from time to time
  • Makeup Tools
    • such as makeup applicators & brushes

As much as it excites me to fully utilise my Youtube channel, I still need to invest in a lot of things. Being a vlogger is like stepping up your game further. You’ll need (at least) the following:

  • studio lights or that ring light (which by the way is not cheap)
  • changeable background
  • a good camera because who wants a low-quality video? Uhm, no one.

So at the moment, I’m still preparing for that but I’ll get there. 😉


When I say worst, I mean prepare for allergic reactions, breakouts and skin irritations and this is so true especially when you are trying a new skincare routine or product.


Despite finding the best products and your skin behaving well, you just have to try new things. It’s part of the process and as a beauty blogger, you will definitely experience these. And if it happens, you just have to heal yourself, make a detailed review and move on. 😀 Have you read my post where I shared a photo of the skin irritation that I got from trying a skin care product? If not, check out this link.

bad break out_berryduchess

Reality vs. Expectation: ON ALWAYS LOOKING FAB

Being a beauty blogger doesn’t mean you are looking fab 24/7, 7 times a week. Totally not true. I mean, even Hollywood celebrities have their makeup-free moments!


There were times in the past when I got too conscious and I was thinking that I NEED to look good like ALWAYS because I’m too afraid that the people who know me might see me when I’m a total wreck (like no makeup whatever) and they might think that “oh the lies!” and then I realise, I DON’T CARE. Either way, people will have something to say anyway.

I’m too afraid that the people who know me might see me when I’m a total wreck (like no makeup whatever) and they might think that “OH, THE LIES!” and then I realise, I DON’T CARE. Either way, people will have something to say anyway.

What matters is the skill that you have and that you know how to use them well and with or without makeup, I feel great and now more than ever, my priority is a clean and clear skin so while I do a lot of makeup, I make sure that I give my skin the freedom to breathe.

Do I still get breakouts and bad skin days? I do. But most of the time I create makeup looks when my skin is calm but there are days when you just can’t have it all and you still blog & post anyway.

Most of the time I’m this.


Or occasionally this. No in-betweens! 😀



Quality means the essence of each post – complete details and links plus the good quality of photos. 

Quality over quantity

I’ve read that there are those (especially paid ones) who would post straight away because they’re so busy answering emails and don’t have the leisure to spend time writing and doing drafts. Okay, I get that but still, the quality of their photos are stellar.

Personally, I prefer doing detailed posts simply because it’s my own romanticism of doing things. Say, I’m doing a review for a certain makeup, here are the things that I usually do:

  • Take photos of the untouched subject
    • get the gorgeous angles, of course.
  • Edit, correct the lighting and add my label
  • Experiment with the makeup for a week or two, or longer
  • Take note of my thoughts while
    • applying the makeup
    • wearing the makeup for a day
    • skin reactions, if any, after removing the makeup
  • Create a draft.
    • think of a catchy title
  • Edit and Post

It may be a long process but the satisfaction, both as a content creator and reader, is there. Try placing yourself as a reader, is your material something worth reading? 😉



When my followers on social media started increasing (still below 1,000 tho’) I received a number of emails from companies who are offering to “help” me become more visible and “famous” and it was a surprise, really. They have different packages to choose from and each tier will have a number of followers for a certain amount of money.

Here’s a sample offer that I received:

Show your business some love.
Instagram Growth only $25 your first month!

1,000-3,000 New Followers per month

Apparently, buying followers is now a thing and there are big accounts who are doing this. Why? Because if you want to make money being a beauty blogger, you have to approach brands and PR companies and when you do that, you should be ready with your numbers –  followers, reach, views per day, etc.

And PR companies and brands will only notice you if you have a huge number of followers because that translates to how great your influence is. And in reality, it is sad that they don’t mind if it’s fake or not. At the end of the day, it’s all about numbers and figures, baby.

At the end of the day, it’s all about numbers and figures, baby.

Am I tempted? With all honesty, NO. I prefer to have authentic followers.


Again, be careful when you receive deals, I mean, it’s exciting when you get one but take the time to breathe and think. Some may sound great but try to dig deeper. Remember, they won’t offer you without getting something in return.


When I posted a recent makeup transformation in one of my social sites, I received a message from another user and I was complimented and offered if I want to be featured on their account. Seems legit and so I sent a message. Then when they replied, I was informed that they will feature my post but there’s a small fee (around 12 USD/post). Again, that surprised me and there’s no way I will do that. Hah!

…they will feature my post but there’s a small fee (around 12 USD/post).

I was like, no way! I worked hard for it and I even had to pay so you can feature me? No thank you! But of course, I think there are those who would really do this to gain more reach and followers. You know, whatever it takes to be viral or popular.


I’ve seen some beauty bloggers do this and I just can’t understand why they call themselves a beauty blogger but they are so selfish with the deets?


You can’t be selfish like when someone asks what shade of lipstick you’re wearing. You just can’t say “you forgot them” ‘coz damn, girl! No beauty blogger (as far as I know) can forget what she wears unless the photo was taken like 5 -10 yrs ago. 😉 It’s either they really forgot but of course, they can always check that and get back to you or they simply don’t want to share the information. Catch my drift?

One must not forget that it’s a community and it’s where we share tips and tricks. You can’t be “Hey, I’m gorgeous but you will never know what I used.” That’s just plain wrong.



Social media is our life and while we try to visible, don’t just gain followers. Try to answer questions from time to time so they can feel your presence. Be genuine in answering queries but try to be unbiased as well. Remember that every product we use may or may not work out for us but they can be fab for others. There are times when they won’t work on us today but after a few months, they will.

Also, if there accounts or followers that are really great and worth giving likes, heart it out! (pusuan mo, besh!) & acknowledge their skills, too.


Again, these are the things that I’ve experienced over the past years and of course, I know that things may change in the future but if you want to start your own beauty blog, these are the things that you can expect.

Thank you and I hope you had fun reading and learned something, too. Stay tuned for more! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE so you won’t miss my future posts.


7 thoughts on “Truths About Being A Non-Paid Beauty Blogger

  1. Your post is right on, Berry! I have gotten a lot out of your posts over the last two years! You blog consistently and your put a lot of thought and effort into your reviews! It is NOT easy! Your photographs are also lovely and show the product and results well. Don’t ever sell out. As long as you know you won’t make much money on the blog, then you can continue with a motivated heart. However, the blog can position you for other freelance work for magazines and brands. You could approach a department store cosmetics counter and offer to write about makeovers for their customers, as one example. Good luck and keep up the beautiful work 🙂

  2. Thanks @stephanie I hope for the same. That I get to be noticed because I’m genuine with the things I post but again, it’s really all about numbers. But we can still be hopeful and who knows? 😀

  3. I think a lot of what you said is true for any type of bloggers or instagrammer out there to make a living out of their passion and it’s good you hold on to your principles. Kudos: as you mentioned many people do spend money to get followers. But the fact is: these fake followers won’t buy the company’s products since they don’t exist.
    I am not a beauty product person. I don’t wear make-up ever: the last time I did go through a routine was for my wedding in 2010. And you can imagine I didn’t do it myself. Still I find your reviews interesting and I admire your dedication to make a complete and fair review of the products you use. I hope it pays off sometime in the near future.
    Good luck!

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