Basic Beauty Tips That You Should Never Neglect

As we are about to welcome a new year here are some basic, but very important things that we should remember when it comes to beauty.

1. Start having your own skincare routine.


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We always think that primers, moisturisers and sunscreens are just added costs on our beauty budget and we really don’t need it. – WRONG! 

Of course, applying makeup on a young skin is fuss-free & easy but we won’t be young forever. Most of the time, stress and improper skincare are easily shown on the face. Have you ever wondered why celebrities and beauty gurus have flawless skin and that even if you are buying all the makeup that they use, your face isn’t as flawless as theirs?

I’ve got news for you, babe.

They give more importance on their skin regimen above else.

Aside from the regular schedule to their dermatologists & facials, they also take the time to scrub, exfoliate and moisturise. Most importantly, they prep their skin before applying makeup. Remember, our face is like a blank canvass and the makeup that we apply are like these colourful paints that we use to bring out & highlight our beauty.

With a clean slate, anything that you apply will turn out beautiful, no matter how simple it is. While makeup can mask our imperfections, it is also best to use them to accentuate the features, rather than mask everything and be another person. 😉

2. Know your shade/undertones.

Understand your foundation shade

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I’ve mentioned this in my previous post entitled THINGS ABOUT MAKEUP I WISHED I KNEW 10 YEARS AGO and I don’t know how else could I give emphasis on this. It’s straight-forward and self-explanatory, yet a lot of people are still “victims” of this and I’m not excluding myself either.

This is why it is important to visit the beauty store and actually swatch the foundation or if you’re really unsure then seek professional help/advice. The fact that most of the best -performing foundations in the market are not cheap, be sure that you the take time to find the correct shade for you.

Don’t be an espasol (Pinoy rice cake delicacy that is slathered with toasted rice flour all over)  or a tan-face-gone-wrong.


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3. Know where to highlight and contour very face is different.


I will repeat this – Different face shapes require different contouring technique.

Different face shapes require different contouring technique.

We contour because we want to shadow or make certain parts of the face to appear smaller. While we highlight because we want it certain features to be noticed.

4. Blend. Blend. Blend.

Blend makeup.jpg

Image courtesy of bridalhairstyleandmakeup

Blending does not apply to eyeshadow alone. We blend the WHOLE FACE. Why? because we want to make it look like flawless & seamless.


Any harsh line is not flattering. Like N-E-V-E-R! So no matter how long it takes to blend, do it or might as well not apply makeup at all.

unblended-shadow meme

5. Check every angle and under different lights.


Because vanity lights seriously make you look flawless on selfies and photos, I make sure that I take shots from different lighting and angles.

I normally check my makeup or my client’s makeup under natural and white light as well. This extra step will help you see if your makeup is too light, too dark or if there are harsh lines.

6. Remove your makeup!

remove your makeup

This is like really a no-brainer.

No matter how light or high-end your makeup, they can still clog your pores so do yourself a favour and let your skin breathe! If you can buy a makeup, be sure that you don’t skimp on your makeup removers.


7. Clean your tools and makeup.


Even if it’s your personal tools and makeup, you still have to clean them for hygienic purposes. Dirty brushes and makeup can also cause breakouts and clogged pores.

Since we use them personally, we abuse the “double-dipping” method that is a big no-no on professional makeup practice.

DOUBLE-DIPPING is when you apply makeup and you dip the makeup wand or brush (mascara, lipsticks or eyeliner) directly back into the product.


I have personal rules on my makeup and tools and they are:

  1. Clean all my makeup at least once or twice a month.
    • I use alcohol and spray them on my palettes while I wipe off the wands and lipstick bullets and also spray some alcohol after.
  2. Clean my brushes using an instant brush cleaner at least once a week.
    • Beautyblenders and sponges must be cleaned at least once every 3 days.
  3. Get spare tools.
    • Since this is unavoidable, I make sure that I have back up sponges and brushes.

Ditch the bad habits and start with these simple steps. Yes? YES.



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