Star Palette by Natasha Denona

If you are a beauty junkie and you are looking for a palette that’s worth your money, then you should take a look at Natasha Denona’s Star Palette.


This limited edition palette is a good combination of warm (left panel) and neutral colours. It includes 18 new shades with 4 finishes

  • Crystal Eyeshadow
  • New Natasha Denona Matte Formula
  • New Metallics
  • New Duo-chromes



Eyeshadow Formula:

Crystal Eyeshadows

Described as a new breed of sparkling eye created with crushed diamond pearls for extraordinary reflection.

  1. 101K Spectrum
  2. 109K Cosmo
  3. 112K Galaxia
  4. 116K Polaris

New Natasha Denona (ND) Matte Formula  

Described as a cream like shadow in powder form with absolutely no fallout.
  1. 102CM Earth
  2. 104CM Flesh
  3. 106CM Gemma
  4. 108CM Titania
  5. 110CM Diadem
  6. 111CM Vega
  7. 113CM Phoenix
  8. 115CM Electra
  9. 117CM Atik


natasha-denona-palette review

New Metallics

  1. 103M Bellatrix
  2. 107M Atria 
  3. 118M Rhea

New Duo-Chromes

  1. 105DC Orion
  2. 114DC Supernova

natasha-denona-palette review


Look #1:

natasha-denona-Star Palette Look

natasha-denona-Star Palette Look

Look #2: Boho Bride

See full details here.

Boho Bride Makeup Look

Boho Bride Makeup Look

Look #3: The Rock Chic




  • The palette is sold at 169 USD 
  • I bought my palette from PingBong Shoppe at 230 SGD.

Where to Buy:


I’ve been wanting to have my own ND palette since it created a buzz in social media this year. But because her eyeshadows are expensive (239 USD/palette) I had to hold back. Plus, I don’t really fancy the shade combination in each set. Then this came out.

I understand that not everyone will like or love the shades but personally, I love it. The shades are versatile enough to create a simple day look to a glammed-up eye makeup. They basically compliment each other to a point that you can use the eyeshadows horizontally, vertically or diagonally. They are buildable, blend easily while those crystal eyeshadows will make your eyes sparkle like diamonds. You can apply  them using your fingers or wet brush for a more standout finish.

Aside from the price, the only comment that I have for this palette is that if you are using the crystal eyeshadows, I suggest that you do your eye makeup first because it can get messy. But once placed on the lids, there are no fallouts.

I will post the details of my Rock Chick makeup look soon so stay tuned! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE so you won’t miss anything! You can do that via email or follow my other accounts where I share my sneak previews.

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