Highlights of 2016

If you are new to my blog or you’ve missed my earlier posts (like for the whole year), then here’s a rundown of my favourites for 2016: 🙂

Best of 2016


Things About Makeup I Wished I Knew 10 Years Ago

This must be the most revealing post that I have done and I’m sharing the makeup sins that I ‘ve committed over the past years. See full post here.

Things About Makeup I Wished I Knew 10 Years Ago cover

You can also watch my demo video here:

How Mario Badescu Saved My Skin

I will share the biggest skin issue that I had to date and how this brand helped me manage that scary, sort of, phase in my adult life. See full post here.


A Basic Guide on Makeup Brushes

Choosing the makeup products that we apply on our face is important but understanding the tools to use is also essential. See full post here.

Foundation Brushes


And of course, I won’t forget that day when I get to meet Kat Von D! See full post here.


Travel Stories

The Tourists at Notre-Dame Cathedral

Colds, (possible) crooks and cathedral in one day. See full post here.


 Travel Story: The Tourists at Notre-Dame Cathedral

This was the worse travel story that we experienced to date. See full post here.


4 Things Worth Remembering When Visiting Singapore

 See full post here.


VIDEO: #berryduchesstravels 2016

Personal Stories – Love & Life

A Year Without Facebook

It’s been more than a year since I deleted my personal Facebook account and my life is still great and normal. See full post here.


My Unhappiest Birthday…Ever!

The reason why I hate breaking promises.. See full post here.


Midnight Thoughts: Clap For Yourself 

This piece was originally written by Maleeka Taliha Hollaway entitled “When They Don’t Clap,” and I can personally relate to her. It is like “been there, done that” but really more of “been there, STILL THERE”. See full post here.


What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Love

Originally posted on February 2015 but I decided to include it (since it was reblogged on 2016 anyway) on the list. It’s about love advice based on real people’s relationship journey. See full post here.

What Wikipedia Cant Tell You About Love


3 Things I Learned From The French

See full post here.

Chic Woman

9 Rom-Com Korean Dramas That You Should Watch Now

Sharing my highly-recommended Korean drama series. See the list here.

Kill Me, Heal Me - Yo Na

“I am definitely not the same person I was when the year started.”

– Anonymous


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