On Watermarks & Blog Photos

I have been battling on this topic over and over but as much as I want to have watermark-free photos, I cannot.

For starters, anything that you post online will be in cyberspace FOREVER. With my chosen blog category, I know and understand that there is a high chance that my photos will be used without my permission. Oh, this is a fact! because I don’t only see them, but also the people who personally know me and my readers would alert me whenever they see my face & swatches on online beauty sellers.


You might say, Oh you should call their attention and take that down!

Well yes, I can do that but I can’t run after every single account and truth is, there are those who are in private mode and I’m pretty sure that the moment I add them, they will delete my images in their account. And yes, I have been a victim of online scammers (click this link), so PLEASE!

But instead of stressing myself, I tried to look at it in another perspective. Well, except for that scammer and I made sure that I reported it on Instagram.

Anastasia Beverly Hills_Ashton Review and Swatches

As a lifestyle/beauty blogger, I don’t mind if online sellers will use my swatches and photos in their online store. In fact, I really appreciate it  and even drop a message or give a shout out. But no! No matter how huge my logo is, they will find ways to crop it out!



At least have the decency to let your followers know the source of the photos being posted. 

I always hope that they learn to give credit, mention the source or link back because these are our pieces of hard work. At least have the decency to let their followers know the source of the photos that they are using. Think of it as an act of gratitude towards the owner of the images because you are using the images in your business but you are not paying a dime. I know that there are content creators like myself who are posting watermark-free photos and I truly admire that but they are also earning from those posts. Some are even sponsored posts, unlike mine.

In two years of blogging mainly about makeup, I learned & found my ways on how to protect my images from “those people” but despite these measures, there’s no certainty and I can only do so much, right? 😀

I believe that watermarking your photos is a matter of personal preferences. Protect your work, don’t protect it, it’s all up to you.

Personally, it is my layer of protection from those who takes advantage of it. Of course, I want the brands to feature my photos but at the moment, I simply can’t gamble all my hard work and make it free-for-all just YET. 😉

What about you? What are your thoughts on this?


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