Jouer Long-Wear Lip Crème in Fraise Bonbon

Let’s welcome a new brand!


JOUER pronounced as zhew-ey, is a French word that means ‘to play’



This brand’s packaging is not only sleek but also interesting. It has a provision where you can connect them together. Think of a lego system, but they call it components.


photo courtesy of

The applicator is a bit short but it’s not an issue at all because it can do the job correctly & precisely.





Described as a cool berry red with a matte finish. What can I say? This is love at first swatch.  It’s that pinky red with a kick! It’s bold but also very chic.




When I first laid eyes on this shade, I know that I must get it.  This shade is all me. I may be into cool, deep reds but this is something that got my attention in an instant! It has a cake batter scent that is very similar to Kylie Jenner’s liquid lipstick, but lighter and it gives a velvety feel once it completely dries on your lips.

It is not completely transfer-proof, but there was a decent amount left on my lips after having a full dinner. I also noticed that product is not as opaque as compared to Jeffree Star’s Velour Liquid lipstick or ABH. That means you may need to apply at least 2 coats, in order to achieve the colour pay-off that I have in the photos above. However, if you find that it too thick for your liking, you can fill your lips with a lip liner and apply the liquid lipstick on top.

Overall, I love my first Jouer lipstick and this is definitely not the last review for this brand.


Jouer long-wear lip creme liquid lipstick is sold at 18 USD per tube and available in more than 20 shades and you can check then here. I bought mine from PingBong Shoppe for 33 SGD.

Pingbong Shoppe_sg_banner

I used this lipstick in my latest video (09:44) and you can check it out here:

Until my next review. 😀


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