Jeffree Star Skin Frost in Peach Goddess

I know that this has been long overdue but let’s get it over with! Here is my quick review on Jeffree Star’s highlighter in Peach Goddess.



The first thing that you will notice is the size of the pan – it’s HUGE! This is like double or triple the size of a regular highlighter, so if you are a highlighter junkie this is like a bowl of dessert that you can devour!



For the price of 29 USD, you are getting 15 grams of highlighter and if that is not enough to highlight your entire clan (extended family & friends included), I don’t know how much you need!



Aside from the ginormous pan, the highlighter itself is buttery and very pigmented. It may look pretty intense on swatches but you can control the application. If you want the glow that’s visible from outer space, then layer it out, girl!



Jeffree Star’s highlighters are strikingly beautiful and you are getting a lot for the amount that you paid for. But on a personal note, I have not used this YET. I got this together with  BECCA x Jaclyn Hill’s Champagne Pop Collection and I’ve been reaching for that more than this Peach Goddess. I think I got overwhelmed with highlighters that I’m currently testing and recently, I’m diving to Urban Decay’s Aura I will try to play with this in the next coming weeks and I’ll keep you posted.

Skin Frost is available in 8 shades and you can check them all here. Again, since the brand is not available in Singapore, I purchased this from PingBong Shoppe at 55 SGD.

Pingbong Shoppe_sg_banner


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