Kyliner in Dark Bronze

Another first on Kylie’s makeup line and her birthday bundle showcased an eyeliner kit in dark bronze.

Kyliner_Dark Bronze Review

There are 3 things included in the box and they are:

  • Creme gel liner
  • Eyeliner brush and
  • Pencil eyeliner

Kyliner_Dark Bronze Review and Swatches3


The creme gel liner’s packaging is similar to her creme eyeshadow but smaller in size. As I mentioned earlier, the kit comes with a regular eyeliner brush that you can use to apply the product.

Kyliner_Dark Bronze Review and Swatches

Kyliner_Dark Bronze Gel Liner Review2

Kyliner_Dark Bronze Gel Liner Review


The pencil eyeliner is very similar to her lip liner, which if you are not aware, you can use them on your eyes.

Kyliner_Dark Bronze Eye Liner Review

I prefer using this when I do tighlining and it won’t transfer.

Kyliner_Dark Bronze Eye Liner Review

Kyliner_Dark Bronze Eye Liner Review

As you can see, they have shimmer so if you are into matte eyeliner, you might not want this. Since I have a couple of mattes, I don’t mind adding this to my stash.


These liners are great options if you want to downplay your eye look. You can play with it and achieve a beautiful, yet subtle line for your eyes. It goes well with her crème shadows or any crème eyeshadows.


  • This is part of the birthday bundle that sells for 195 USD
  • The kit alone costs 38  USD
  • I bought this kit from Pingbong at 73 SGD.

***Black and brown eyeliners are now available online and they are priced at 36 USD/kit.

*shipping fee will be added separately.

The creme gel liner is very soft while the pencil eyeliner is creamy (same with Kylie lip liner) so be sure to keep them at a cool/room temperature so it won’t melt or break easily.

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