Erin Condren 2017 Life Planner Review

It’s that time of the year again to start looking for planners that will suit our needs for 2017 and if you are planning to get Erin Condren’s Life Planner, then be sure to finish reading this post. ūüėČ

Erin Condren 2017 Planner Review

This is my third year to review this brand and you can check out my past reviews here.


I made a list of the *newest features of her 2017 Life Planner and they are:


You now choose from the three layouts available:


Erin Condren 2017 Planner Review_Horizontal Layout



Erin Condren 2017 Planner Review

Erin Condren 2017 Planner Review

Erin Condren 2017 Planner Review


  • Platinum
  • *Gold (+ 10 USD)
  • *Rose Gold (+ 10 USD)
  • *Black¬†(+ 10 USD)

Erin Condren 2017 Planner Review_Customizeable coil in black


  • *Permanent
    • a leather-like material that comes in 3 colours (Taupe, Aqua Blue and Purple)
    • starts at 55 USD.
  • Interchangeable coversmore than 45 designs to choose from.
    • starts at 65 USD

Erin Condren 2017 Planner Review


The inner sides of the front & back cover were made more functional and turned to *white Wet-Erase Boards.

Erin Condren 2017 Planner Review11_berryduchess

Erin Condren 2017 Planner Review - white wet erase board

The Goal-Setting Page has a bigger space to write on and they also provided a small space at the bottom of the 2018 calendar.

Erin Condren 2017 Planner Review - GOAL SETTING PAGE_berryduchess

Erin Condren 2017 Planner Review

  • The Keep-it-Together folder has a new design
  • The clear ¬†clutch/carry-all bag is no longer attached, unlike last year.
  • The blank stickers¬†are cut like ribbons which made it cuter.
  • A sample sticker book ¬†and a bigger coil clip are also included.
  • There are 2 vouchers worth 20% off that you can give to a friend or use personally for your next purchase.
  • As for the ruler and perpetual calendar, they are the same as last year & had mo significant change.

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I chose to customise and have a chic design for my 2017 planner since I picked the¬†Ready-to-Ship option last year.¬†I love that it¬†is more personalised and¬†Thumbs up on the new features and¬†choices¬†but there are some things¬†that I personally didn’t like. Some of them are minor stuff but the coil is very important to me.


I am really happy with the coil of the Rose Gold Planner because flipping the pages has never been smoother. However, when my order arrived, the first thing that I noticed was the size of the coil. The 2015 planner has the smallest size of the coil, next is the 2017 Planner and the biggest was the 2016 Rose Gold planner.

Erin Condren 2017 Planner Review

Erin Condren Aluminum Coil comparison


Erin Condren reduced the number of pages on the 2017 Planner.

2015 Planner has

  • 20 ruled pages
  • 10 blank pages

2016 Rose Gold Planner has:

  • 6 ruled pages
  • 4 graph pages
  • 5 blank pages

While the 2017 Planner has:

  • 6 ruled pages
  • 4 graph pages
  • 4 blank pages

Lastly, the elastic band is still not included in the basic set of the planner, unlike my 2015 Gold foil which comes with a free metallic gold elastic band. It is sold separately and comes in a set of 3.

Among the three planners that I purchased, I say that the Rose Gold planner remains my favourite Рthe stunning colour combination (Rose Gold and Serenity) and coil size are just perfect! This is not that bad, but it could have been better.

There goes my review for the Erin Condren 2017 Life Planner. Thank you for reading and I’m looking forward to reviewing¬†maybe¬†another planner for 2017 so be sure to¬†SUBSCRIBE and¬†never miss my upcoming posts and reviews.


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