Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Watermelon Soda – Photos, Reviews and Swatches

I know that you are excited for Jeffree Star’s Summer 2016 Collection and of course, wouldn’t miss it, too! So the wait is over and let’s discuss it!

Jeffree Star Summer 2016 Collection Bundle

photo courtesy of

Jeffree Star launched his summer collection last July 21st and it includes 5 limited edition shades namely:

  1. Nude Beach
  2. 714 – a returning shade
  3. Virginity
  4. Queen Bee
  5. Watermelon Soda


For the summer shades, the lipstick comes in a yellow box with pink stars printed in front while the name of the shade is printed on a sticker and pasted on the top cover of the box.

Jeffree Star_Watermelon Soda Packaging

Jeffree Star_Watermelon Soda Packaging

These liquid lipsticks are placed in a transparent, and high-end looking plastic tubes with a yellow cap and pink logo and stars are printed on them. The brand name is also printed in pink fonts and positioned in front of each bottle.


*please note that due to the difference in undertones, the shades may look brighter or darker to different people.

For your reference here are my shades:

NC25 (MAC Pro Longwear Foundation) / 1.5 (MAC Matchmaster) Y225 (MUFE Ultra HD)/ Light 4 Deauville (NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation)


Jeffree Star_Watermelon Soda Review and Swatches Singapore

I will describe this as a neon pink-red with a flat matte finish. Among the 14 shades that I reviewed, this is the most challenging to apply. 

  • This shade is pigmented but can also be streaky when not applied carefully.
  • It can also accentuate any dry patches.
  • Aside from a steady hand, be sure that your lips are smooth so exfoliate and moisturise.
  • Long lasting/long wearing.
  • Light on the lips as if you are not wearing lipstick at all.
  • No feathering even without using a lip liner and even after having meals.
  • Kiss-proof.
  • Very minimal transfer (as seen on coffee cups and drinking glasses)
  • Versatile product
    • you can use the velour lipsticks anywhere on your face especially as an eyeliner.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Cruelty-free.


I am happy to share that I found dupes/similar shades for this JS liquid lip and I say that one of them is spot on!

Jeffree Star_Watermelon Soda Swatch Comparison

    • The formula is more of a whipped/moussey but it has a very similar colour payoff.
    • Available at local drugstores (Watson’s/Guardian)
    • sold at 9.90 GD

Australis Bar-Tha-Lona and Lime Crime’s True Love are of the same shade but darker.

Jeffree Star_Watermelon Soda Swatch Comparison


The name of the shade says it all – it smells like a watermelon (which is a bit strong) but I am not a fan.😞 I definitely prefer the rootbeer flavour over this. But don’t worry because it comes off after a while.

Jeffree Star_Watermelon Soda_berryduchess


  • The limited shades are individually priced at 18 USD while local sellers in Singapore are selling it from 35 SGD each.
  • You can also get the bundle for 75 USD.

Where to Buy:

*Carousell and Shopee are available in Singapore and Philippines.



  • The brand is not readily available locally (SG) but as I mentioned earlier, there are ways to order online. Here are your options:
  1. Purchase directly from their website and the international shipping (via USPS) costs 10.95 USD. 
  2. If you do not want to buy directly from the company, you can check CAROUSELL/SHOPEE for local sellers.
  3. Order from 


Again, this is a limited edition shade so once it’s done. IT.IS.DONE. The summer collection is still available so if you want the shade, just click/order and buy them already!


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