Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette Review

As promised, here are my thoughts on Jeffree Star’s first eyeshadow palette – Beauty Killer.


Just like his liquid lipsticks, the eyeshadow palette is housed in a hot pink box with rose-gold logo printed in front. At the back of the box, you can find the rest of the makeup details such as the ingredients.

Jeffree Star_Beauty Killer Palette_Packaging

Jeffree Star_Beauty Killer Palette_Packaging

Jeffree Star_Beauty Killer Palette Review


Jeffree Star_Beauty Killer Palette Review_shades1

Jeffree Star_Beauty Killer Palette Review_shades2

Jeffree Star_Beauty Killer Palette Review_shades3

Jeffree Star_Beauty Killer Palette Review_shades4

For the swatches, I used a brush instead of fingers for real representation of the colours. I think that it is also the best way to swatch any eyeshadow palettes moving forward (please agree with me here) since we all use brushes when we apply eyeshadows.

Jeffree Star_Beauty Killer Palette Violence, Black Rainbow, Courtney and Star Power

There are 3 finishes in this palette:

  • MatteStar Power, Vanity, China White and Courtney
  • FrostViolence, Princess, Confession and Expensive
  • GlitterRich Bitch and Black Rainbow

Jeffree Star_Beauty Killer Palette china white, expensive, princess, confession and vanity


Aside from the buttery texture, these eyeshadows have good pigmentation except for Rich Bitch. I read and watched a  number of reviews and I had to agree with them. I had to layer it for at least 3 times so it will show on my arm. I even used a synthetic brush and sprayed MAC Fix Plus.

Jeffree Star_Beauty Killer Palette Rich Bitch

Issue on Fallouts

This is an issue that I experienced when I used the palette. I applied an eye primer and used Vanity and Confession (together with the rest of the shades that I tested) and after an hour, I noticed the fallouts. I had to check and clean it every now so it won’t look like a black eye or dark circles. 😕

Beauty Killer_review


I wore these for almost 6 hours and noticed the slight fading towards the 4th hour of wear.


The palette is sold at 45 USD or 75-80 SGD.

Where to Buy:

*Carousell and Shopee are available in Singapore and Philippines.

Jeffree Star_Beauty Killer Palette look


When this palette was announced, I was really excited because I know that the quality of Jeffree Star’s products is always worth the money. My favourite shades are Courtney, Confession and Violence. Vanity should have been included if only the fallout was not that bad. Also, there was a noticeable powder kick but it was not a big issue for me.

The shades are bold and fun, plus the size of each pan are huge compared to your regular palettes. However, it breaks my heart to say that after testing and wearing them for almost a month, I was not blown away. It was good but the performance wasn’t stellar. 🙁We have to acknowledge that there is definitely a room for improvement for this palette.

We have to acknowledge that there is definitely a room for improvement for this palette.

Just for comparison, I bought my Urban Decay Vice palette (20 shades included) for the same amount and though they did not come in large pans but the performance are much better.

UD_Vice 4 palette

Photo courtesy of

Additional details:

  • permanent range
  • Cruelty-free.
  • Made in USA.

Jeffree Star Reviews_minixoxo-berryduchess-december-2016-copy-2

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