Enough of the Duck Face, Now Comes Fingermouthing.

Just what the heck is fingermouthing?

I heard the term this week and apparently this is referring to a pose where you place your fingers near your mouth when you take selfies, and it is now a trending thing in social media.


photo courtesy of gossiprocks.com

A New Trend?

This pose was coined by Buzzfeed but it’s definitely not something new. I’ve seen it before and I am sure you’ve seen it too. Maybe you’ve done a few selfies like this as well, who knows? This is used in beauty photography, especially when doing tight close-up shots and today, it’s all over Instagram.


photo courtesy of moviestarmakeover.com


photo courtesy of google.com

Fingermouthing simply makes the head shot sexier. Match it with the seductive or serious stare, make it black and white and you can get the right amount of drama in your photos.

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Some find it dumb simply because it is now associated with a Kardashian 😁while some find it cool or trendy. But like I said before, you do you. Do it. Don’t do it. Who really cares? As long as  it is not offensive or hurting another person, then go for it.

Now I wonder… what will be the next selfie trend?

xoxo berryduchess1B

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