I Downloaded Snapchat And Now I’m Hooked!

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are some of the famous platforms when it comes to social media. I heard about Snapchat last 2014 but I was skeptical because I just can’t get it. Despite googling how it works, I was still unsure and I really feel stupid hah! and that, my friend is never a good feeling. Am I getting old or what? So after months of doubt, I downloaded the app and started exploring its features. To be honest, it takes a while to figure it out.


Photo courtesy of Mashable

The app is famous especially to the younger generation. In our time, whenever we have something exciting is going on, we either call each other using a telephone (you know, the thingy with a curly cord and not that hand phone you have now) or knock on their doors and have a small chat. But now, kids can just send a snap to each other.


Photo courtesy of joe.ie

Now I am hooked. I say that aside from Instagram, this is the 2nd most used app that I have and enjoy and here are my reasons why:

1. Snapchat offers a new way of reading the latest news.

Snapchat newsfeed

Each icon has a set of interesting stuff that they feature daily. You can either watch a video, read an article, participate in a quiz or do a screenshot and send it to a friend so you can know their answer.


Screenshot from Refinery29

Snapvid from Buzzfeed

Snapvid from SWEET

2. They have cool effects that you can use when you take photos or videos.

Berryduchess_Snapchat Update2

3. Some brands are launching or giving out sneak peeks to their followers thru their official Snapchat account.

From sneak peeks to behind the scenes – it is like having an exclusive access to their latest products and services 😀

As a blogger, I am doing sneak previews of the things that I will be posting on my site or the products that I am testing at the moment or about my upcoming travels.

Berryduchess snapchat update

4. You get to have a virtual tour of different places around the world.

For example, here is a video from SWEET featuring Nerja, Spain.

Snapchat allows you to share photos and videos with a maximum length of 10 seconds and they say that everything you post will only be available within 24 hours and it will be gone forever (which of course is hard to believe. It is gone from our account/feed but I am pretty sure that it is somewhere in cyberspace.) 😎 I was not surprised when Facebook launched new features that are somewhat similar to what Snapchat offers. It only proves that the users are up for a more fun interaction. If you are like me who keeps their snaps, you can download them from your account’s feed.

So if you are in Snapchat, add me up! And if you are still contemplating if you want it or not, just give it a try and who knows? You might like it like I did.


Have fun and make the most out of the app BUT!!!!! always be a responsible user. 😉

Be responsible for the energy that you bring into this space.

– Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor


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