Paris Travel Diaries: Chinese Gastronomy at Saint Lazare

In my previous Paris food review, I featured Le Pont De Yunnan Restaurant which is located near the Saint-Georges station. This time, we stayed in Saint Lazare and took the chance to see if there are any good restaurants in the area. Fortunately, we have the perfect location  because we got access to 2 of the top Chinese restaurants in Paris – Carnet De Voyage and Carnet De Bord.

Chinese Gastronomy in Paris_berryduchess

With their names, you can already tell that they are somewhat connected, and they really are. Although these restaurants have the same owner, each offers a different type of Chines cuisines:

  • Carnet De Voyage – Yunnan Style
  • Carnet De Bord – Sichuan Style

Carnet De Voyage Restaurant2_berryduchess

1. Carnet De Voyage (travelogue / travel diary)

We discovered Carnet De Voyage first and had dinner here on our first night in the city. The place has the similar size with Le Pont De Yunnan ( I think it’s the typical size of restaurants in the city); quite small and it gets crowded and busier from 6 PM onwards.

Carnet De Voyage Restaurant_berryduchess

They have a lot to offer and if you want something spicy, they can accommodate that, too. Here are some of the delicious food that we tried during our entire visit.

Carnet De Voyage2_berryduchess

Sliced breaded pork chops

Carnet De Voyage_Paris

Kung Pao Chicken

Carnet De Voyage_Paris

Kung Pao Beef

Carnet De Voyage_tofu_berryduchess

This is tofu but I cannot remember the exact name. It is very tasty and I really liked it.

Carnet De Voyage_Paris

Stir-fried mushroom and vegetables

Lastly and the highlight of the week was their Spicy Shrimp. It’s hot but delicious. If you are into spicy food, then this is a must-try. Just make sure that you order a soda so you can ease the spiciness.:D

Carnet De Voyage_Spicy Shrimp_berryduchess

2. Carnet De Bord (Log Book)

Day 2 in the city and we chose to try Carnet De Bord simply because we were curious. Both restaurants are located in the same area, along with with other Asian/Chinese restaurants but you can notice how customers would really queue just to get a table (regardless if the waiting time is 10 minutes or more).

Carnet De Bord Restaurant_berryduchess

Though space is almost similar with Carnet De Voyage, Carnet De Bord looked bigger because of the way they arranged the tables and chairs. Also, the place is well-lighted (white lights + white background) so it looked brighter. Personally, I prefer their design and orientation.

Carnet De Bord Restaurant

Carnet De Bord_berryduchess

Carnet De Bord4_berryduchess

Carnet De Bord6_berryduchess

Fish (I forgot the name) – this is a bit sweet and spicy

Carnet De Bord

This (photo below) was my least favourite because the pork is too large to bite on. The sauce is a bit sweet, but because it was thick, the meat is a bit tasteless when you bite it.

Carnet De Bord

Carnet De Bord

Crunchy pork ribs

The crunchy pork ribs are on top of our list. Every bite gives you the hint of spices that was used to marinade (or boil) the meat, then they were fried evenly, giving that crunchy texture outside. And as cliché as it may sound but it was crunchy outside, juicy inside!

Carnet De Bord2_berryduchess

This, on the other hand, was not on their menu but when we mentioned that we want beef (non-spicy), the lady offered us to have beef sautéed with onions and so we ordered it.

Berry’s Tip:

Beef takes more time to prepare, so if you wish to order it be ready for a longer waiting time. 

Here is our quick story about that beef with onions:

On our last evening in the city, we ordered the pork ribs and the beef with onions. It was a very busy Saturday evening and the place was packed. We waited for our orders and the ribs & rice arrived and so we started with small bites because we were still waiting for the other order.

After more than 30 minutes, we were still waiting with the half-eaten bowl of rice and few rib pieces on the plate. With spoiled mood, I told him that he should already cancel the other order. Though he agreed, he suggested that we finish the meal and will just mention it when he gets the bill. And so we finished our meal.

And you guessed it right! the plateful beef arrived and the lady placed it on our table as if nothing happened; as if  we did not wait for long. No apologies, whatsoever. After eating some of the beef strips, we stood up and paid the bill. We didn’t get to eat the half of our order because we were already full and not to mention, pissed.

That last dinner in their restaurant was not very pleasant and also not a great way to end our week in the city. It was our last night in the city and we just want a lovely meal yet that happened. But of course, we did not let it ruin the rest of the evening.


FOOD – 5 / 5

  • The presentation of their food is simple.
  • Freshly cooked food and they serve them hot.

PRICE – 5 / 5

  • A dinner for two with 2 dishes and rice will cost you around 25++ euros (depending on the dish).
  • Generous servings; one order is already good for 2-3 people.


  • Serving time may take 10-15 minutes.
  • The staffs are nice and attentive.
  • My only comment is:
    • I hope that they can give a heads up to the customer in case the order (like that beef) will take longer than the usual waiting time.

Will I go back? 

  • Sure.

Will you recommend it? 

  • Yes. I mean, why not. The food is great and you get the value for your money. Just be cautious when ordering beef. He he 😀


Travel is the best education that anyone can have.

—  The Planet D



6 thoughts on “Paris Travel Diaries: Chinese Gastronomy at Saint Lazare

  1. I haven’t been there, but now you make me want to go there! I love the stir fry and the spicy one. I trust your recommendation so I believe youhad sweet fun!

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