Switzerand Travel Diaries: Geneva’s Good Food

Who doesn’t love good food? No one! That is why my last post about Geneva will feature the food that we tried during our trip.

1. Restaurant La Meyrinoise (Italian Cuisine)

Restaurant La Meyrinoise_Rucola

I ordered pizza for dinner and to my surprise, this arrived. And yes, this is their version of a solo pan pizza. Talk about generous servings. 😀

Restaurant La Meyrinoise

Restaurant La Meyrinoise_Tiramisu


The highlight of my evening: my very first shot of the Limoncello.


  • is an Italian lemon liqueur. Limoncello is the second most popular liqueur in Italy and it has recently become popular in other parts of the world.
  • Limoncello is traditionally served chilled as an after-dinner digestivo.
  • an ethanol content of 38-42% is considered optimal for limoncello.

Source:  Wikipedia

Now I understand why I didn’t get to finish this tiny glass.


2. Akiko (Asian Cuisine)

Akiko - Tom Yum Soup

When in cold places, we always prefer to have something spicy and we found what we were looking for in Akiko at Balexert. Their Tom Yum soup was so that good that I had to go back just for more. 😀

3. Migros Cafe

Migros Cafe reminds me of IKEA’s restaurant. Though I haven’t tried eating lunch in this place, I was there (twice) for their tarte aux pommes (apple pie).

Migros tarte aux pommes

4. The Swiss Chalet

This was my least favourite among the restaurants that we tried. The serving was generous but the taste was just okay. But I liked their dessert.

Swiss Chalet_chicken

Meringue with double creme Gruyere


Meringue with double creme gruyere

One thing that I have not tried during the trip was the cheese fondue, maybe in our next trip? 😀 Hope you had fun reading this (and got hungry, too). Until my next post. Ciao!

iPhone 6s Plus
Geneva, Switzerland | February 2016 


Nothing brings people together like good food.

– Anonymous



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