Mövenpick Hotel & Casino Geneva Review

We stayed here for 8 nights and the hotel is less than 10 minutes away from the airport. This alone makes it ideal especially if you are staying for business purposes. The hotel also  provides airport shuttle service for their guests. The location is also accessible to public transportations going to the city centre and other attractions in Geneva.

Movenpick Hotel Geneva

Mövenpick Hotel & Casino Geneva is a 5-star hotel near the airport area. As you all know, great service is always on top of my list and with this hotel, you are guaranteed to receive the best service possible from their staff. Upon check-in, we were given our room access cards and a complimentary transport card for our entire stay (validity is up to a maximum of 15 days).

Before we move on, let me tell you about the free transportation program that you can enjoy when you visit the city.

Geneva Transport Pass

Free Ticket from the Airport

All airport passengers can get a free transportation ticket that is valid for 80 minutes. We got our tickets thru a vending machine ( I am not sure how you call that machine, but let’s just say that it is a vendo) but did not use them because we opt for the hotel shuttle service.

Geneva_free bus ticket_berryduchess

Geneva_free bus ticket_berryduchess

Complimentary Transportation Card

  • This card is given to guests who are staying in hotels, youth hostel and/or campsite in Geneva. 
  • It is non-transferable.
  • The card gives you free access to all the public transportation available in the city (buses, trams and yellow taxi shuttle boats known as Moulettes.)
  • This card is ONLY valid for a certain number of days/stay in the city (as stated at the back of the card).
  • For more details, check it here.

Movenpick Geneva_transportation card

The Room

Movenpick Geneva_Classic Room_berryduchess

We had a Classic Room with a city/airport view. The room is cozy enough for two people. To find out more about their rooms, you can check it here.

They provide an area where you can conveniently stay to work or read.

Movenpick Geneva_Classic Room

And of course, our favourite would be their complimentary mini chocolate which you will get a lot because they leave their guests with these sweet treats whenever they do room service or when you get the bill after dining in their restaurants or  if you call for in-room dining service.

Movenpick Geneva_mini Chocolates_berryduchess

The Food

Movenpick Hotel Geneva_food

If you say Mövenpick, the first thing that comes to mind will be great food! The hotel offers  2 restaurants and a bar to choose from.

1. The Mövenpick Hotel Restaurant


Buffet breakfast is served at the hotel’s restaurant but you can also choose to have your first meal of the day at the hotel’s  bar.

Movenpick Buffet Breakfast2

From cold cuts to freshly baked bread and cereals including  brewed coffee and juices – you can enjoy this if you avail the breakfast buffet.

Movenpick Buffet Breakfast

Movenpick Buffet Breakfast

Movenpick Buffet Breakfast4

Movenpick Buffet Breakfast_Marmalade Station

My favourite: The marmalade station

Movenpick Buffet Breakfast_omelet station

Some action at the omelet station

Lunch and Dinner

Mövenpick offers an Executive/Business lunch set priced at 32 CHF ++ and with that price, you get to enjoy their buffet salad bar,  featured main course and dessert of the day.

Movenpick Hotel Geneva_salad bar

Movenpick Hotel Geneva_Executive Lunch

But if you don’t fancy their executive lunch set, you can always choose from their menu.

Movenpick Hotel Geneva

Movenpick Geneva_Salmon

Escalope du Salmon in Paris butter sauce with mashed potato and seasonal vegetables 

Movenpick Hotel Geneva_Farm Burger

House Special: Farm Burger

2. Gate 20 Bar

Coffee, snacks and drinks are offered at the Gate 20 Bar. This is a nice place to stay and chill after a busy day. I remember spending one afternoon here because it was too cold outsideMovenpick Geneva_Food

Movenpick Geneva_Chicken Club Sandwich

Chicken Club Sandwich

3. Kamome 

Now if you are craving for some Asian cuisine, particularly Japanese food, then you can dine in at the Kamome restaurant.

Movenpick Hotel Geneva_Kamome Restaurant

Movenpick Hotel Geneva_Kamome Restaurant

Movenpick Hotel Geneva_Kamome Sashimi

If you don’t feel like going out, you can always call for Room Service and enjoy the freshly prepared food in your room.

Movenpick Geneva_Classic Room

Movenpick Geneva_Salmon2

Salmon with basmati rice and seasonal vegetables

Now here is the fun part! Presenting….

Movenpick Hotel Geneva_sweet treats

As mentioned in my IG post last February 24th,

When in Mövenpick, you should not miss the chance of trying their iconic ice cream. This Swiss Chocolate is part of their Endless Dream collection and it has the Maracaibo cocoa adding exquisite flavour and texture in every bite.

Movenpick Hotel Geneva_Swiss Chocolate ice cream

Mövenpick Swiss Chocolate Ice Cream

Movenpick Hotel Geneva_pistachio_ice cream

Mövenpick Pistachio Ice Cream

But it doesn’t end in ice creams, because they also have other desserts like flans and apple pies.

Movenpick Hotel Geneva_flan

Movenpick Hotel Geneva_apple pie

Apple pie with Vanilla Ice Cream

In summary, here is my overall experience during our entire stay:

Price – 4 / 5

  • We are talking about a 5-star hotel here so you expect for higher rates, but again you receive great service for the price you pay for.

Customer Service  – 5 / 5

  • Their staff are courteous, approachable and they smile & greet their guests whenever they see us. From the person who picks you up from the airport, the concierge people, waitstaffs and room service – they gave us a warm welcome. This is one of the important factors that I look at whenever we are staying in a hotel. Who would want snobby staff? No one!
  • Special shout out to the people at the hotel restaurant. Thank you for the lovely service and it’s one of the best that I have experienced. 🙂 ❤

Overall, they really make sure that you have a comfortable and wonderful stay with them.

Will you go back to stay next time you visit the city?

  • Yes!

Will you recommend it?

  • Definitely! If you are not convinced, then maybe you have to read this post again.   and of course! from the top. 😀

To find out their current offers and room rates, just visit their website.


We do nothing special, we do ordinary things in an extraordinary way.

– Mövenpick Hotel



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