Travel Diaries: Flight from Singapore to Geneva

After more than two weeks of being away, I am finally ready to share the stories and (some) photos from my recent travel.


My updates during the whole the trip were mostly posted thru my Snapchat and Instagram accounts. Silly and crazy updates on the first one and more thought of posts on IG. 😀

The Flight Plan


Our first week was in Geneva and the last leg of the trip was in Paris. For some reason, we forgot to check other available options and we stick with the same route we had in 2014, which was SIN-CDG-GVA. Overall, we spent 18 hours of travelling time (details will be mentioned as we move on).

Airport #OOTD: (of course)

Oh look! I still look happy in this photo. 😀 I learned my lesson on layering in our last trip to London and Paris, so I think I did a decent job for this one. Honestly, I had a hard time thinking what to wear because the temperature in Paris was expected to be lower than 5 degrees. In addition to that, it is PARIS – the fashion capital of the world. So yeah, the pressure is on.

Airport OOTD_berryduchess

Outfit Details:
Black Shirt by Cotton On
Culottes by The Island Shop
Ankle boots by Charles & Keith

But really, I just wanted to be cozy during the entire trip and at the same time be ready, in case, I might bump into former colleagues, friends and even exes (or his exes). I do not wish to look like a train wreck and meet these people. So word of advice, at least look okay, because really, you will NEVER know.

Berry’s Travel Tip: 

  • Wear something comfortable because any flight that is more than 6 hours is not a joke. If you are travelling to countries with cold weather, layering is the key.

Layering for Winter

Outfit Details:

Black Shirt by Cotton On
Culottes by The Island Shop
Ankle boots by Charles & Keith
Long Coat by Zara

When we arrived at Charles De Gulle (CDG), I put on a large sweater before leaving the plane and had my long coat ready, in case it will be too cold, and as expected it was between 1-2 degrees that morning.

Berryduchess_Snapchat Update

The Baggage Allowance:

We booked a non-stop flight with Singapore Airlines (SIN-CDG flight) and for a standard economy fare, you can have a maximum of 30 KGS for check in and 7 kgs for hand carry (per person). Though it was tempting to use up the maximum weight, we opt not to because of the following reason/s:

  • Our connecting flight to Geneva (via Air France) has a maximum limit of 23 kgs for check in and 10 kgs for hand carry per person. So if we will use up the 30 kgs, extra fees will greet us in CDG.
  • Second, bear in mind that most of the Metros in Paris are using stairs. That means large/ too many luggage are not ideal. Aside from the heavy weight and looking after your suitcases, you also need to be alert because pickpockets may just be around the corner.

Berry’s Travel Tip: 

THE SOLUTION: Limit your baggage and don’t bring unnecessary things. You can do this by creating a packing list.

Do the Elimination Process:

  • List down all the things that you think you need and then take time to go through each item.
  • As you check, ask yourself these:
    • can you live without it? or for at least during your travel duration?
    • can you buy it from there? It may not be the same brand but relatively functions the same (toothpaste, tissue, cotton pads, etc.)
    • Too bulky? Too heavy? Too bulgy? LEAVE IT.

You will be surprised how much you can weed out from the original list. I used to bring my own soap, shampoo, lotion, etc. But then I learned that I can get these from the nearest grocery store.

After all, It is a sure thing that you will look for a local grocery store because you have to buy bottled water for your entire stay in the city.

Only bring the things that you REALLY need.

In Paris, you can get your toiletries and supplies from Monoprix, Carrefour and HEMA stores. While in Geneva, we went to MIGROS.


As a traveler, it is important to check the country’s policy when buying over-the-counter medicines. If unsure, just bring the basics like paracetamol and medicine for tummy ache and LBM (diarrhea). If you have special medicine, say for allergies, hypertension or the likes, ask your doctor for some prescription and bring it along in case it needs to be checked.

Lastly, leave some room for your souvenirs or stuff that you may buy during your trip.

Our Final Luggage Count: 

  • 2 Check in baggage ( 1 each);
  • 1 Hand carry for him
  • 1 backpack (him) and
  • 1 large tote for me.


We finally arrived in Paris at past 6 AM but had to queue for more than an hour for immigration. I think they were short-staffed at first, then added more police border officers after seeing that the lines are getting longer.

After immigration, we picked up our luggage and took the CDGVAL Shuttle train to Terminal 2. Then we checked in at the Air France counter and waited for the boarding announcement.


It was seriously tiring and the photo above says it all. I was exhausted that I no longer want to speak and all I wanted was get to the plane and be at the hotel. Finally, it was time boarding time and after almost an hour, we reached the Geneva airport. Like I said in my IG post,

You just cant be glamorous with long flights UNLESS you’re in business or first class seats.”

I was really excited because based on previous experience, Geneva airport is buzz-free. no need to go through immigration, so it was basically:

Get off the plane > pick up your bags > go to your hotel.

Geneva Airport_Berryduchess

In my mind, I’m cheering, “Yes! almost there.” But then, the unexpected thing happened. We were waiting at the assigned belt for almost 15 minutes and still no luggage are coming out. And yes, were getting worried by the minute. Other flights have arrived and their passengers already picked up their stuff but we were still there waiting.

Geneva Airport2_Berryduchess

Finally, an airport staff came to us and explained that the conveyor belt assigned to release our luggage had a problem and it was being fixed. We waited for another 15 minutes and our bags eventually came.

Geneva Airport_Berryduchess

After all these, we went out, took the hotel service and checked in. Both of us had no intentions of touring the city because our priority was to get some decent sleep, then grab some bottled water and snacks for the next coming days.

The day ended; we have accomplished our basic tasks and at last, it was time for some rest. 😀 It was a good day. Yes, it was tiring, yet we arrived safe and sound. And who are we to complain when a cozy room, comfy pillows and snuggly bed await us? 🙂


“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”

– Gustave Flaubert


xoxo, berryduchess

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