Midnight Thoughts: Clap For Yourself

Before hitting the sack, I wish to share an excerpt from this wonderful article that I read today:


This piece was originally written by Maleeka Taliha Hollaway entitled “When They Don’t Clap,” and I can personally relate to her. It is like “been there, done that” but really more of “been there, STILL THERE”.

I agree when she said that you can’t force people for support, even if you have known each other for years or in fact if you have been friends or family. True that giving support is a personal choice, but if you don’t receive it from your circle (especially the inner circle) you are affected. You will ask yourself, how come other people can appreciate what you do while some don’t even give you a virtual high five or mind your achievements at all? Again, it’s all about choices.


And since it’s all about choices, you should do the same. Choose to appreciate your little achievements and just do not expect from other people anymore. Focus, do well and put your heart and soul to everything that you do. One thing I realized in this life is that expectations and disappointments will always go hand in hand and they sure know how to hit that soft spot.

I agree with Maleeka, clap for yourself. Love yourself and stop seeking validations from anyone. Let’s all do this and be happy. 🙂 Start it today. Start it NOW.

Read the her entire article here:



8 thoughts on “Midnight Thoughts: Clap For Yourself

  1. I agree! thank you so much, Ms. Maleeka dropping by. ❤ Your article really inspired me that even if I was on travel when I read your article I know I had to take the time and share it in my blog. 🙂

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