Berry’s Favorites for 2015 – Skin Care Products

I know I am a week late in welcoming 2016 but who cares? In case you noticed, I have been inactive for quite a while because we went home for the holidays and add the viral infection that I caught while I was on vacation (how lucky can I be??) I am finally feeling much better and slowly trying to pick up things from where I left them and I will do my best to be in my best form, too. I hate being sick, especially when you are celebrating the holidays!

Berry’s Favorites for 2015 – Skin Care Products

So for now, I will be sharing the best products that I tried last 2015. It is not necessary that they were launched in the same year; it can be that I just discovered them and I was wowed when I used them. They may be a permanent line or limited edition. For the first part, I will be sharing my favorite skin care products. In case you missed it, last December 12th, I posted the Berry’s November Finds, some of the products that I mentioned there will be discussed here, too. 😀 Ready?

Let us start the ball rollin’!

Mario Badescu Skin Care

My skin care regimen at since October are all Mario Badescu products and so far I am happy with them. I first saw them at the local Sephora store but did not bother to check it out. Then after I noticed that my skin care products are no longer working (because my problematic jawline and chin area would always have breakouts regardless of what I apply, eat or do), I started searching for products online and read about this brand.  Thankfully, they are available in Singapore. Here are some of the products that I use:

Enzyme Cleansing Gel

I am already on my second bottle and I even brought it when I went to Manila. It is delicate on my skin and I love the fresh and clean scent of this cleansing product. I feel that it calms my face after I use it.

Mario Badescu_Enzyme Cleansing Gel

Special Cucumber Lotion

Like the Enzyme Cleansing Gel, I am also on my second bottle with this toner. I am not a fan of toners because most of the stuff that I tried in the past would sting my skin due to the alcohol content, but this one did not. I use this twice a day, after washing my face with the Enzyme Cleansing Gel and my skin really feels refreshed and clean especially after removing my makeup.

Mario Badescu_Special Cucumber Lotion

Ceramide Eye Gel

Before I tried this, I was using the Body Shop’s Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate  but for some reason I stopped using it and I cannot remember where I placed it in my stash. :/ Bottom line, I was not impressed with the first one. Then comes this eye gel and I gave it a shot basically because I badly need something that can take care of my unforgiving eye bags.

Mario Badescu_Ceramide Eye Gel

I normally place this inside the fridge (as instructed) so when I apply it, it will have a cooling effect. No, it doesn’t make the dark circles disappear in an instant – but it does reduce the puffiness. I also use this twice a day if I am just staying at home (and that makes it most of the time).  This one of the skin care products that I cannot forget especially when I know that I will be up until the wee hours.

Acne Repair Kit

I read and watched a lot of video reviews and the users had great comments about this kit and because I was having problems with my skin, I tried them. Foundations and concealers are like these precious gifts to mankind because they help you cover up your skin’s imperfections but it is much better if you can still feel great without them.

Like I said earlier, my problematic areas are my jawline and chin area. It seems like pimples would come out every two weeks (chin part) while there are small bumps on my jawline and they are those that are under the skin. They don’t get big but they are not coming out either. Few times that I tried to force it out using a pimple popper tool and it left my skin bleeding and then after a day, it became a dark spot. Not a great thing to do, I swear.

Mario Badescu_Acne Repair Kit

The Acne Repair Kit box contains 3 items:

a. Buffering Lotion

Hands down, this works! As instructed, you have to shake the bottle before using and you will only use it every other night. This helps “normalize skin and help reduce the size of the blemishes.”  I apply this whenever I have pimples that are about to come out. It works well when used with the Drying Cream.

Buffering Lotion + Drying Cream + Buffering Lotion

b. Drying Lotion

This looks a bit odd as there is a clear solution and at the bottom of the bottle is a pink sediment. When using this, you must avoid shaking the bottle. the solution and the pink sediment SHOULD NOT MIX.

To use this, you must dip a cotton swab into the pink sediment then apply it to the surface blemishes then let it dry overnight. I use this alternately with the buffering lotion.

c. Drying Cream

This can be used under makeup as a concealer but I haven’t tried that yet. I use the Drying Cream twice a day and it greatly helps in getting rid of blemishes. What makes this cream different is that when it dries the pimple, it doesn’t leave a dark mark on your skin.

Mario Badescu_Acne Repair Kit2

So far since I started using this kit, I no longer have the pesky large pimples or the pimple wounds. For the 3 months that I have been using them, I can say that the whole regimen works.

Each of this three products has a particular scent that you may not like (particularly the Drying Lotion and Drying Cream) but they go away after a while. Also, using these does not guarantee that you will no longer have breakouts, pimples or acne. However, they are a great help in managing them.

Cucumber Tonic Mask

This is the last Mario Badescu Skin Care product that I will include in this list. I have 2 masks from the brand – Whitening and Cucumber Tonic Mask. I normally use them alternately, but between the two, I like the Cucumber Tonic more.

If you feel that your skin is getting a little dull or dry, just put this mask on and leave for a good 20 minutes then rinse it off. After that, you will notice that your skin is supple, smooth and soft as if you had enough rest. 😀

Mario Badescu Cucumber Mask_berryduchess

The Body Shop – Virgin Mojito

I am a Body Shop fan but admittedly, their products can sometimes be a hit or miss (at least for me). The Virgin Mojito (limited edition) is one that really liked. With the humid weather in Singapore, this scent is something that you can really enjoy. It is not too strong or too perfumy.

The Body Shop_Virgin Mojito

Their Virgin Mojito body scrub leaves your skin fresh and cool and I am almost done with my second container/tub. Then after that, I will use the Virgin Mojito Body Sorbet. I prefer this than the body lotion and body butter because I feel that it is less sticky. And yes, I am almost done with my first tube and will be getting another one soon.

The Body Shop_Virgin Mojito Scrub


Mario Badescu Products:

  • Enzyme Cleansing Gel – 27 SGD 
  • Special Cucumber Lotion – 32 SGD
  • Ceramide Eye Gel – 30 SGD
  • Acne Repair Kit – 85 SGD (but each product in this kit can be bought separately)
    • Buffering Lotion – 35 SGD
    • Drying Lotion – 36 SGD
    • Drying Cream – 26 SGD
  • Cucumber Tonic Mask – 30 SGD

Where to buy: (delivery charges may apply)

As for the Body Shop Virgin Mojito range, you can visit any of their stores in Singapore or you can check their website.

  • Virgin Mojito Body Scrub – 36 SGD
  • Virgin Mojito Body Sorbet – 19.90 SGD

There goes my best for 2015 – Skin Care edition. Watch out for my next post tomorrow! 😉

What about you? What are the skin care products that impressed you last year? Share it with me!

Berry's 2015 Favorites

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Beautiful skin requires COMMITMENT, not a miracle.

– Anonymous

xoxo berryduchess

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