When Front Camera Fails You

Please hold that judgement you have right there! You can laugh but make sure you read the whole story! HAHAHAHA!


I was about to bite that delicious fry then this happened and all I can utter was “What the heck!”

I was busy eating my lunch and just like a normal person who occasionally browse her phone I accidentally hit that camera button and of course, it was selfie-ready. One hand was busy grabbing fries and the other was holding the phone.

Much to my surprise slash horror to my own face, I tried to close the app yet I hit the button that took this horrible photo. HAHAHA I am sorry to ruin your day but this is my entry for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge. This photo is very funny and timely! Maybe there was a reason for this picture after all?!

So me being me, I took the whole thing to the next level and decided to do a meme of myself. If you have been following this blog, you know for sure that I do reviews and most of the time (if not always) I am in full makeup mode. But just like any other normal person, I do not wake up like that. It takes time to have those looks and if I am not doing shoots or review or I just woke up, I look like this (please refer again to the photo above) 😀

Expectation VS. Reality Meme

Expectation vs reality.jpg

I made sure that I sent this to my husband on the same day and we were laughing our heads off. To top things, I also posted it in my blog’s social media accounts and what do you know, it was this week’s greatest hit!

Embrace the glorious mess that you are

– Elizabeth Gilbert

xoxo berryduchess

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