1. On living our lives

Steve Maraboli Quote1_berryduchess

2. On dealing with rejections.

Steve Maraboli Quote2_berryduchess

3. On loving someone.

Steve Maraboli Quote3_berryduchess

4. On having standards.

Steve Maraboli Quote4_berryduchess

5. On women and beauty.

Steve Maraboli Quote5_berryduchess

6. On dealing with problems.

Steve Maraboli Quote6_berryduchess

7. On love and relationship.

Steve Maraboli Quote7_berryduchess

8. On true happiness.

Steve Maraboli Quote8_berryduchess

9. On real friendship.

Steve Maraboli Quote9_berryduchess

10. On being a real man.

Steve Maraboli Quote10_berryduchess

xoxo berryduchess


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