Chicken Up Singapore (Buangkok Branch) – Reviews, Photos and Impressions

Chicken Up has landed in the Northeast! Yes, they just opened their 24-hour store this month and it is near the Buangkok MRT Station. Their location was where Wendy’s store used to be. When we found out about this new food joint, we promised ourselves to give it a try the following day.

The Ambiance

The place basically offers an informal dining set up. In my opinion, the atmosphere would attract the younger target market such as a group of student/friends who want to eat together.

Chicken Up Singapore Review - Counter

Each square table can sit up to four people, but that may be a little crowded especially when your orders arrive. The counter faces the main door. There were 2 cashiers but that time when we ordered, only one was open so the queue was a bit long.

Berry’s Tips:

  • Upon entering, make sure that you grab the copy of their menu placed on the left most side of the counter.
  • Browse and list down all your orders before queueing.
  • Give your orders to the staff who writes them down in a piece of paper.

Chicken Up Singapore - Buangkok (1)

There are 2 stations for:

  1. paper plates
  2. plastic spoons/forks/knife
  3. plastic gloves (for those who wants to eat their chicken using their hands) and
  4. condiments

Chicken Up Singapore Review - plate


Chicken Up


The star of their menu is, of course, chicken (hence the name Chicken Up). But aside from that, they also offer the following:

  1. Noodles
    1. Spicy Noodles Up – Dry or with soup
    2. Japchae
    3. Makguksu
  2. Fries
    1. Kimchi Fries
    2. Bulgogi Beef Fries
    3. Truffle Fries
  3. Salads
    1. Chicken Teriyaki 
    2. Soba Salad
  4. Korean Pancakes
    1. Seafood Pancake
    2. Kimchi Pancake
  5. Topokki
    1. this is the popular Korean snack food made from soft rice cake, fish cake, and sweet red chili sauce
  6. Desserts

The Taste Test

1. Chicken

Chicken Up Singapore - Drumsticks

Drumsticks – Original Recipe (14 SGD)

Chicken Up Singapore - Soy-flavored wings

Soy-flavored Wings (12 SGD)

Aside from the big serving, their chicken has a crunchy coating while the white meat remained juicy inside. The taste is different from what KFC, Popeyes, and Texas offers. You can taste the hints of spices used when they prepared the chicken.

By the way, you can choose from the 4 flavours that they offer:

  • Original
  • Soya (salty)
  • Yangnyum (sweet)
  • Spicy (hot)

A 4-piece chicken order can be enough for two people, considering that you will get other items from their menu, say fries or noodles.

…crunchy yet juicy

2. Noodles

Chicken Up Singapore - Spicy Noodles Up

Spicy Noodles Up with soup (10 SGD)

The Spicy Noodles Up reminded us of the instant noodles that we can buy from the grocery stores. However, this one is spicier (at least for me) compared to those instant noodles and they serve it with egg & extra steamy.

Chicken Up Singapore - Jabchae

Japchae (12 SGD)

As for the Japchae, I liked the glass noodles because it was soft and did not feel too chewy or rubbery (unlike in my previous experience from other Korean restaurants). It was not bland nor salty – it was just about right. However, it would be better if they can add a little more glass noodles because I felt that my order had more onions and bell peppers than the glass noodles.

3. Drinks

Chicken Up Singapore - Buangkok

For our drinks, we ordered two of their Demi Soda Apple (4 SGD/can) which is a carbonated drink in a can and one Korean Wild Berry Slush (6 SGD).


 In summary, here is what I think about Chicken Up based on my experience in this restaurant:

FOOD – 4 / 5

  • The presentation and taste of their food are good.
  • They are served fresh and hot which is a very important for me.
  • Serving size
    • Generous servings; one order of chicken is already good for two people.

PRICE – 4/5

  • No service charge.


  • Their staffs are attentive and approachable.

Will I go back? 

  • YES, especially when I try their fries! But because of the small space available, it can easily get crowded typically on dinner time and weekends. So to fully enjoy the food, maybe we will have a take-out/take-away next time.

Will you recommend it? 

  • Definitely.

Please note that at the moment, Chicken Up – Buangkok branch only accepts CASH and CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS.

Chicken Up Singapore - Buangkok Review

To date, there are six (6) Chicken Up locations in Singapore and that includes this newly-opened branch in Buangkok. You can check the other locations here.

Chicken Up

Facebook: Chicken Up

“Food tastes better when you eat it with your family.”

– Anonymous

xoxo berryduchess

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