Starbucks Singapore 2016 Planner Set Review

This is a quick review of Starbucks Singapore 2016 Planner that was launched today, Sept 4th. There are two things about this planner:

  1. This was a collaboration between Starbucks and Moleskine AND
  2. The design was EXCLUSIVE for Singapore.

Starbucks Singapore 2016 Planner - review


Starbucks Singapore 2016 Planner - Packaging

Starbucks Singapore 2016 Planner Review

NOTHING FANCY – the planner is wrapped in a clear plastic, that’s it. So if you are planning to buy one, make sure you place them well inside your bag. Unlike me, I placed mine in one of my grocery bags (because I had no choice) and it was late when I noticed the small scratch/dent on the front cover. 😦


Like the signature look and feel of the Moleskine planner, this organizer/notebook comes in a hard cover (that somewhat feels like a faux leather) together with the elastic band on the side to help keep things intact.

Starbucks Singapore 2016 Planner - Back Cover


Starbucks Singapore 2016 Planner Review Page 1

Starbucks Singapore 2016 Planner Yearly Notebook Page

Starbucks Singapore 2016 Planner Review Personal Details

Starbucks Singapore 2016 Planner HOlidays and Events Page

Starbucks Singapore 2016 Planner Yearly Calendar Page

Starbucks Singapore 2016 Planner Monthly Calendar Page
This is the preview of the monthly calendar.

Each section (calendar and different notebook pages) are divided by beautiful photos about the company and of course, coffee!

Starbucks Singapore 2016 Planner Page Design

The 3 different notebook pages included in the planner are the following:

  • 84 Ruled Pages
  • 48 Note Pages
  • 46 “Squared” or Graph pages

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Lastly, is the back pocket feature of the planner.

Starbucks Singapore 2016 Planner back pocket

BUT WAIT! There’s more!

Aside from the exclusive planner, you will also get a special edition Starbucks Card and it is placed inside the back pocket.

Starbucks Singapore 2016 Planner - Back Cover (1)

Limited Edition Starbucks Card - Seattle


  • Light and handy
    • If you are aways on the go like attending meetings and taking notes, this is perfect for you.
    • It is not too heavy or bulky.
    • The size (approx. 5 x 8 inches) and weight makes it easier to carry around, even during travels.
  • Design
    • Simple and you will not hesitate to use and bring it inside the board room.
    • For the 2016 planner, you can choose from the 3 colors available (red, grey or black)
  • It is a combination of notebook and calendar.
    • I am happy to see a lot of pages to write on. This is something that you don’t get much from other planners.
  • Pages are ACID-FREE
    • This means that it is environmental-friendly.
  • Price
    • The planner set is currently sold at 38.90 SGD.
    • But if you are a member, you can opt to top up your card with 50 SGD and get the planner for only 28.90 SGD! *terms & conditions apply.


  • The pages are too thin (you can notice it in the photos above) so if you are using a sign pen or marker in this notebook, expect the ink bleeding at the back of the paper. :/

Starbucks Singapore 2016 Planner Review2

What do you think of this planner? Let me know your thoughts!

Please click the link provided if you want to see my review for the Erin Condren 2016 Planner. ;D

xoxo berryduchess

8 thoughts on “Starbucks Singapore 2016 Planner Set Review

  1. a lot of choose from, Terri! I have the 2016 Erin Condren but I am considering to check out Limelife (i think they have free delivery for US orders) and that Inkwell Planner, they will be launching this month. 🙂

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