Beauty. Society. Reality

For so many times I have felt lesser just because I do not possess that certain standard for beauty, but not anymore.

As a woman, how many times have you been treated differently just because you tried to glam a little?

When I was still working, there are days when I am not wearing makeup especially if I am on the earliest shift (7 or 8 am) but in some days, I am in full glam mode on – that means I am wearing a dress, heels and may face is fully made up (as if I am about to face my enemies, lol!) Between the days when I am made up and being just another Jane Doe, I can really say that there is a big difference because I had my personal experiences. Allow me to elaborate with the help of my stories.


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Occasional Gentlemen


It was a typical work day where everyone is in a hurry to walk and get into the MRT. I decided to get more sleep and just forget about putting makeup. After taking a shower, I picked up my jeans and shirt for work, paired it up with some Chucks then grabbed my bag and I was ready to go. Humidity was never a friend and by the time I reached the MRT station, I was already sweating.

Just like everyone, I was walking on my to the escalator when I was suddenly pushed by this guy who was also in a hurry that he did not even bother to say “excuse me.” Nothing. Not even a “sorry” that he pushed me( accidentally or not) towards the escalator steps.

Orange HeelsThe following day (which I did not do on purpose), I found some time to dress and made up. I chose to wear my new blue dress, orange pumps and my caramel-colored bag. Did my full makeup and went with my usual routine. So what was the difference aside from dressing up? Well, let’s see:

– Men politely gave way when walking – meaning, they let you walk first or let you go inside/outside the MRT and elevator doors.

– I was even offered seats.

– And I can still remember this guy who even held the elevator door and waited for me (which don’t usually happens) because I was holding a hot cup of coffee and was walking slower than my usual pace.

After that day, I cannot help but shake my head. The day before I was pushed and ignored, but now, I was suddenly offered a seat.

Could it really be the makeup and power dressing?

Conditionally-Friendly SAs

Are you a fan of social experiments? I am. So at times, I go to out shopping with the unpolished look (old tees, shorts, and slippers) and just moisturizer/sunblock on my face. One time, I dropped by in this beauty store and I will never forget the way I was treated by one of their SAs. I was asking some questions about a certain product that I am looking at and she was very snobbish. She even gave me that Im-sure-you-wont-buy-anything look. Since I was still undecided and also uncomfortable with the way she assisted me, I decided to leave the store.

Then 2 days after, I went back to the store to get whatever was available. I walked in with full makeup, a dress, and a designer bag on my hand and I was attended by the same SA, but this time it was different. She was very friendly, chatty, attentive and flashing a big smile on her face. She had a number of recommendations since the product that I was looking for was not available. She even commended the lipstick that I was wearing. It was a very different experience compared with the kind of treatment that I had from her before.
women with no makeup meme

I was looking at her and itching to ask “Don’t you remember me?” but I didn’t do it because I feel that it was not the proper thing to do. Instead, I got what I needed and stepped out with a sarcastic smile on my face and a bubble-thought in my head “Oh, the perks of wearing makeup!

Funny how we are always told to be true to ourselves but when we do, we will be judged.

Funny how we are always told to be true to ourselves but when we do, we will be judged. Our society recognizes the importance of beauty – that is a fact. But the same society has a certain standard beauty, do you agree?

While the appreciation for natural beauty is really inspiring, in reality, our society is not yet ready to embrace the different kinds and forms of beauty.

That in real life, you will be treated based on how you look, how much you weigh and even the brands you carry. Our standards for beauty are based on the faces of the famous celebrities and at times, the fans are forgetting that these celebrities can also have imperfections.

Remember that issue they had when Beyonce’s untouched photos surfaced and everyone was like, “OMG did you see those photos!?!” Some people’s reactions were just…mean. It was as if the person can’t even have a breakout. Hello, people? She is still a person and no one is perfect.

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I will not deny that we, as women, will always have our insecurities and that is why we use makeup among other things because it helps us hide some of our imperfections. Being beautiful and confident with makeup on is one thing and feeling less confident without it is another.

For me, beautiful means embracing one’s flaws. Beautiful means accepting your imperfections and highlighting your assets. One can still be beautiful sans makeup. Beautiful is when you can stand in front of a mirror and wear the same smile you have on your face even after you removed your foundation, lipstick and eyeshadow.

martha rodgers quote on Beauty

Sad to say, our society is judgemental when it comes to looks, but I have accepted that. For so many times I have felt lesser just because I do not possess that certain standard for beauty, but not anymore. If you treat me poorly simply because I am not wearing some designer clothes or makeup on, then you don’t deserve my time and attention.

Quote on Beauty

What about you? Have you experienced this before? Share it with us! ;D

xoxo berryduchess

11 thoughts on “Beauty. Society. Reality

  1. Aww thanks Terri. And i agree with what you said and when we go out to work without makeup, they will ask us, “are you sick?”
    I love doing mini-social experiments because it reveals so many things. And this is one of the realizations that I had. After all, with our without makeup, we are still human beings who deserves to be respected and treated right as customers.

  2. Berry, this post is true on so many levels. When I worked full-time, I wore makeup and lipstick EVERY day. I still put something on my face if I will be running errands.In contrast, when I have mineral makeup, neutral lip gloss and have curled my eyelashes and head out to our windsurf camp, my friends look at me asking “Are you wearing makeup? And tease me a little. We are damned if do and damned if we don’t. Your experiment reminds me of the movie “Pretty Woman.”

  3. Truly is, I walk past faces every day that won’t even think to look at me once, because of the reason of appearance and well, the usual financial income standards. :-\

  4. Ha. I even get different treatments and looks from some of my friends when I have makeup on, let alone from society and strangers. If your own friends (even though by now I doubt that I should even be calling them ‘friends’) are acting that way, imagine how society would be which is a collection of acquaintances and strangers! Ha. People..? Tsk, tsk.

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