Erin Condren 2016 Limited Edition Rose Gold Life Planner Review

Last April, I reviewed my first Erin Condren Personalized Life Planner for 2015. For today, I will share my thoughts, experiences and impressions for this brand’s Ready-to-Ship Limited Edition Rose Gold 2016 Life Planner.

On June 9th, Erin Condren officially launched their 2016 Life Planners. In summary here are the highlights during their product launch:

  • The choice between Vertical/Horizontal Layout.
  • Limited Edition Ready-to-Ship ROSE GOLD planners
  • LifePlanner “LAUNCH” bundle valued at 37 USD but was offered at 25 USD and it includes the following:
    • New Sticker Book
    • “Party Pops” Markers in 6 new colors.
    • A see-through designer clutch/carry-it-all.
  • Free Shipping for the whole month of June for orders worth 100 USD and above.


Despite my preference for personalized planners like my 2015 Erin Condren, I gave in and had the ready-to-ship option because the rose gold looked stunning in IG photos. I chose the horizontal layout this time and also ordered my first interchangeable cover in Garnet Red and Metallic Gold.

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My basic planner box set included the following:

  • (1) Do more of what makes you happy post card
  • (1) without change there would be no butterflies sticker
  • 1 set of coil clips
  • 1 sample set of “do-it-all dots” stickers
  • 1 code for a free personalized cover
  • (3) compliment cards
  • (3) referral cards

The Erin Condren Planner Battle Royale

Erin Condren Planner comparison_gold foil and rose gold 2

  • Horizontal or vertical?

  • How is the 2015 EC planner different from the 2016?

If you have these questions, allow me to help you decide by giving a rundown of comparisons between these 2 planners. I wish to help you sort things out and hopefully, by the end of my post, you will get to decide if you want it or not. Ready? 😀

COVER: Customized VS Ready-to-Ship

Personalized covers will always be preferred. After all, this is your planner. HOWEVER, this generic cover is not bad. If you compare to the 2015 ready-to-ship design, I certainly prefer this. The new color scheme came out clean and easy on the eyes.

Erin Condren Planner comparison_gold foil and rose goldFront Cover

Erin Condren Back Cover comparison

Back Cover


  • Customized Covers allows you to show your personality by picking the color scheme and having your name or initials printed on it.

On the other hand,

  • Planners with generic covers planners are shipped faster than the customized ones.


The 2016 planner has a bigger coil and this is something good as it allows a smoother turn of pages.

Erin Condren Aluminum Coil comparison

Erin Condren Aluminum Coil comparison_side by side

PAGES – Designs and Layouts

These photos show that the Rose Gold 2016 Planner used a more muted color scheme compared to the 2015 planner and I liked it. After doing a side by side comparison, I also realized that my first planner was way too colorful!

Erin Condren Planner comparison_side by sideErin Condren Planner comparison_gold foil and rose gold coverErin Condren Planner comparison_gold foil and rose gold pages

Erin Condren Rose Gold Planner Front Cover
Front Page of 2016 EC Planner
Erin Condren Last Page comparison
Last Page (L-R) 2015 EC PLanner; 2016 EC Planner


The 2016 Planner added a sort of “Goals Page” for the whole year. Of course, the spaces provided may also be used for whatever purpose you wish to use it.

Erin Condren Goals Page


This is another change that I personally appreciate. It looked simpler and cleaner. The new layout allows the user to design her planner the way she wants it.

Erin Condren Monthly View Comparison

WEEKLY VIEW: Vertical vs. Horizontal

I am one of those people who are thankful for this new option. As I mentioned before, I write a lot and I use up all the available space provided.

Erin Condren Vertical vs Horizontal Layout Page


Erin Condren reduced the number of pages on the 2016 Planner. I noticed that the new planner has:

  • 6 ruled pages
  • 4 graph pages
  • 5 blank pages

While the 2015 Planner has:

  • 20 ruled pages
  • 10 blank pages
Erin Condren Notes Page comparison
LEFT: 2016 EC Planner ; RIGHT: 2015 EC Planner


It is basically the same but this time, on different colors. The vibrant-colored stickers were from the 2015 planner while the soft-colored ones are from the 2016 planner. Also, the “VOTE” sticker was added.

Click the images to enlarge.


The new EC planner includes the future calendar for 2017 (1 year) unlike the 2015 EC Planner which featured 2 years (2016 & 2017)

Erin Condren future calendar view


Just like the other, this has the same function, but with a different layout.

Click the images to enlarge

OTHERS – Accessories included

The rulers were the same, only that the new one has a less elaborated design. Same goes for the double-sided “Keep it Together” folder and bound-in ziplock pocket.

Erin Condren Ruler comparison

Erin Condren Side Pocket comparison

Now I understand that a lot of you are concerned about the horror stories that we can find online and how a number of people were left frustrated and angry about the quality and type of customer service that they had from their recent purchase. So in this review, I will include the series of events that happened before I received my box.


Since this is my second time to place an order, my online shopping time was shorter. (If you are ordering your first EC Planner, click here to find out more.) I placed and completed my order on June 13th and received the confirmation email on the same day, which includes my transaction number.

Honestly, I felt a bit scared after reading some sad/bad experiences that people posted online. I was afraid that the same thing may happen and if ever I need to follow up or report an error, it will be more difficult because of the time difference and distance. And can I add the cost of international shipping?! So I stopped reading them. Positive thoughts for positive outcome – that was my mantra. Plus, I do not want to worry for something that is not even there yet.

After 5 days, I received a notification from Erin Condren saying this:

update email from Erin Condren

A bit scared? Yes. But I also appreciate the gesture of telling me that it may take longer than expected. Then after another 2  days,  I received another email. But this time, it was regarding the interchangeable cover that I ordered.

email update from Erin Condren

Their original email confirmation stated that my order will be ready for shipping by June 25th, but after receiving these advisories, I knew that my orders will not be shipped on time. June 25th came and left, and I received nothing – no planner, no email update but I kept my cool. I also checked the status of my orders and they were still PENDING. I told myself that I will give them the benefit of the doubt and besides, my order is for a 12-month planner so I can be more patient. Their company is facing a lot of angry and unsatisfied clients and I do not wish to be one of them. On another note, I was also hopeful that it will not take them a month of delay.

Fast forward to July 1st, I received the email that I have been waiting for. 5 days was not that bad at all! As long as I will not have a defective planner, then I am happy.

New Email format notification copy

On a lighter note, I noticed that Erin Condren changed their email format and tracking orders became easier. If you will notice the screenshot above, they included this sort of a button and once clicked, it will send you to this page:

Fedex Tracking - Erin Condren

In my previous experience, I had to manually search for the Fedex website and then copy the tracking number from the email then paste it to the site. This time it is easier, especially if you are accessing your email thru your devices.

Okay, moving on. To my surprise, I received another tracking number from Erin Condren on July 2nd. But the first thing that came to my mind was this: it is highly possible that the interchangeable cover was not included in the first package. And I was right. When I received my first Erin Condren box, it only contained the planner sans the new interchangeable cover. The second part of my order arrived after 2 days.


1. PRODUCT – 4 / 5

  • PROs

    • I like the changes that they made for the 2016 planner. The new layout and color schemes worked well and it allows the users to be more creative in using the product.
  • CONs

    • Elastic Band – The 2015 Gold foil and this rose gold planner have the same price but the former comes with a free metallic gold elastic band while the latter don’t. It could have been better if they included the same for the 2016 limited edition planner. After all, the elastic band is fully functional and not just for aesthetic purposes.
    • Reduced number of NOTES pages on the 2016 planner.

2. PRICE – 4 / 5

  • The 2016 Limited Edition Rose Gold Planner was priced at 75 USD. The 2015 Metallic foil planner was priced the same when I bought last April.). But with the new line, there were changes on the prices of their planners:
    • Regular (including the old design of Ready-to-Ship Planners) – 50 USD
    • Fleur Feliz & Prism in Metallic Platinum – 60 USD
    • Prism in Metallic Gold – 65 USD

If you want to check the rest of the details, click here.


It was unfortunate that the company had great issues when they launched the rose gold planner. It must be that they did not expect such high turnouts but it is also good to know that they are trying their best to keep up with their deliverables and schedules. My personal experience during the entire process was not bad at all and I can only speak for myself. Given these, I am giving the brand a fair score (and I always give fair scores and definitely NOT a sponsored post either. 😀) for this.

4. Will I purchase again?

Ask me again next year? 😀


5. Will you recommend it?

This question was asked before and I will still give the same response. In my honest opinion, it would be best if we let the them sort everything out, especially if you are not in a hurry to get your 2016 planner. It is for the best because the customers are entitled to have the best experience with their purchased products and not be frustrated. Otherwise, it will just spoil everything. But I believe at this time, it may be fine to order 🙂 and let us hope that they bring back the rose gold soon.

And here you go my loves, we have reached the end of my review for the Erin Condren  2016 Limited Edition Rose Gold Life Planner.

It has been a long read but thank you so much for your time and until our next review! 

xoxo berryduchess

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  1. Hello,

    I may be doing a review of that by August. Last year I spent a total of 94.95 USD (Shipping fee included) so if you will convert that ($1 = 45 php) that will be roughly 4300 PHP ++

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