Memories Matter More Than Money

Today, most families have both of the parents working because they wanted to give the best future that they can provide for their kids. Whether you agree with me or not, we know that at some point, we try to compensate the lost times with materials things. We shower them with toys, clothes, and gadgets.

But I also hope that we don’t forget to spend more time with our children. Spending money is not really necessary. A kid does not really care if she’s wearing the latest collection or if his shoes are the best pair of sneakers a toddler can have. They still do not understand the monetary values of things and they will definitely not remember much of it as they grow up. But those times when you play together, bake pastries, do artsy stuff, or those days at the parks, laughing and being silly together – children will always remember them because it touched their innocent hearts.

memories not money

When I was a kid, I don’t really know our social status (and I also don’t care). All I know is that every weekend, my mother will prepare the best home cooked meals and our whole family will sit and eat together. And yes! everyone is excited about dessert. The weekend is the time to clean the house together with my sisters and then after our chores, we will all sit at the living room and watch our favorite tv program, or listen to my father sing his favorite old songs. Life was simpler then. No high tech gadgets; a family talks and share stories at the dining table.

A kid does not really care if she’s wearing the latest collection or if his shoes are the best pair of sneakers a toddler can have.

It’s not bad to splurge our children with things, but if you do, just do not forget to splurge them with your presence, time, and attention,t too. ;D

xoxo berryduchess

15 thoughts on “Memories Matter More Than Money

  1. No problem and thanks!

    BTW please visit my blog by clicking on my name and viewing as meny posts as you can. Would love to get a discussion going.

  2. Wow that is really nice. I really think communication (like face to face discussion) is important. I mean how many people can really sit down, talk and have fun without putting out their phone and browse while they have company or take photos/documenting the moments? 😉 thanks for dropping by! I hope you have fun with the challenge! 🙂

  3. BTW I think this is so true for me. I’m one of the familys who partake in talking with my family every single day!

  4. Yes, that is so true. I remember my mother asking us (me and my sisters) why we were always holding our phones because she wonders if we are that busy talking to people, even while eating. :/

    Have a great Wednesday, my dear! 🙂

  5. Your quote today and your memories of your life as a child with your mother preparing home-cooked meals is so similar to my own experiences…I totally agree that life was simple and slower compared to how fast we move today…a good ol’ family conversation around the table was such an important part of the day. I hope families still can partake in this special ritual even with the technology, video games and cell phones that are in our lives now!
    Have a great Wednesday my friend!

  6. This is so true! My favourite childhood memories are of Sundays spent playing with my sister and cousins while my gran cooked us a delicious roast! Best memories and totally irreplaceable!

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