First Trip to the Photo Studio

This unsure smile I had on my face when I had my first official ID photo that was shot in a studio. I remember when they told me to smile and I don’t know how, so if you will notice how unrelaxed my body was (stiff shoulder, that is.) I was 6 years old in this photo and this was pasted on my first school ID.

mini me

Tad dorky, but this little miss was me ;D

This in response to Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Snapshots Stories

xoxo berryduchess

If you have good thoughts, they will shine out your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.

– Roald Dahl

8 thoughts on “First Trip to the Photo Studio

  1. What a sweet photo! I like it though I can see from your expression and body language that you felt unsure of the situation! My parents used to bring us to the studio for professional photos at Christmas each year, and I felt uncomfortable smiling and posing…Now, I am a photo hog and can’t get out of the picture!
    Thanks for sharing this cute throwback photo with us!!

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