MAC Lady Danger, High Energy and Cherry – Photos, Reviews and Swatches

For this week, the highlight of my posts will be about lip products. I was busy for the past days testing and swatching lovely colors and I am excited to share my experience about these brands. I started with my OCC Lip Tar review last week, and now I am giving you another one.

So why don’t we beat the Monday blues with some vibrant number, shall we? 😉

MAC Lady Danger 

Described as “vivid bright red coral” with a matte finish. Some say that it is more of a red than orange but when I used it, it looked more of orange (or maybe red-orange) on me.

MAC Lady Danger Matte Lipstick

MAC Pro Longwear High Energy (L) and MAC Lady Danger (R)
MAC Pro Longwear High Energy (L) and MAC Lady Danger (R)

MAC Lip Liners Review

MAC Pro Longwear High Energy Lip Liner

Described by MAC as “bright, orange-red cream“, this lip liner (and as advised by temptalia) is the perfect pair for Lady Danger.

MAC Lip Pencils

MAC Cherry Lip Pencil 

A vivid bluish-red lip pencil that pairs perfectly with your red lipstick such as Ruby Woo. I have not tried using it together with red lipsticks in other undertones aside from blue undertone.

Both lip liners can be used as a lip base for your red lipsticks or you may choose to use it alone, leaving a matte finish on your lips. Just make sure that you prep your lips (exfoliate and moisturize) before using them in order to achieve a more flawless look. Another look that you may try will be using the lip liner and apply a gloss to finish the look. 😉 You are welcome.


MAC Lip Liner in Cherry

Here is the comparison of MAC Cherry Lip Pencil with other brands of lip liners.

Red Lip Liner swatches and comparisons

Here is MAC Lady Danger as worn under a white light.

MAC Lady Danger as worn by Berryduchess

Berryduchess in MAC Lady Danger and MAC High Energy
I am using MAC High Energy and Lady Danger in this photo.


  • All the products are highly pigmented and easy to use.
  • They are all long lasting that even after having a wonderful dinner and few drinks, my lipstick was intact. I was out for six hours and there was no need to retouch.
  • The signature scent of MAC lipstick was never an issue, in fact, I like it. As for the lip pencils, they are odorless.


  • I honestly cannot think of any. 😀


  • Product – 5/5
  • Ease of Use – 4.5/5
    • You can always use a lip brush or directly use it on the lip. It’s just a matter of preference. 😀
  • Price – 4/5
    • MAC Lady Danger is priced at 30 SGD (16 USD)
    • I got my MAC Pro Longwear High Energy and MAC Cherry Lip Liner from Sephora Singapore at 64 SGD (for both, but I cannot remember the exact amount of each) but in the US, Pro Longwear Lip Liner is priced at 20 USD while their regular lip pencils are 16 USD each.
  • Will I purchase again?
    • Sure! But these will be enough to last for maybe a year? Let’s see.

Thank you for reading this review and if you want to see my other reviews, just click here.

xoxo berryduchess

All of you look good in black, and all of you look extra good with red lipstick on.

– Tony

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