Emirates and Heathrow Express

Visiting London has always been a dream of mine. Apart from the fact that I had great British colleagues way back, I also find everything about this country is so easy to love. The accent, the men (wink, wink) the culture, the fashion style, the food and so much more. It has always been on my bucket list. That’s why I feel so blessed that I started my 2014 with a bang! and that is the chance to travel to London. 🙂

I was humbled because it was really my husband who was set to go and he just asked me to join him and who will ever say no?! Though everything was last-minute preparations, still, we made sure that we have the complete list of the things that we may need since January is winter time in the UK. Talk about last-minute wardrobe fix!

You see, the weather here in Singapore is humid/hot so there is no room for any winter clothes. Since it is our first time to enjoy the winter season, we just got ourselves a few thermal wears, jackets, trench coats, bonnets, gloves and scarves.  I did my research decided to go on layering – which, by the way, I find a bit heavy 😦 imagine you have layers of clothes, plus your bag/purse and then in my case, I have my camera on my neck. So if ever you decide to go shopping, and you will try some clothes.. Boy! it will take you some time to take off your clothes and to bring them back. :))


Our chosen airline is Emirates. You must be wondering why Emirates? Because when we checked our options, we found out that Emirates won the World’s Best Airline of the Year for 2013.  So us being us, we got curious and wanted to experience their service.

Emirates Airlines Entertainment System

Emirates Airlines 2

Emirates Airlines

Hubby was so excited that the moment he sat on the plane, he already got busy with the entertainment system. 🙂

Overall, their entertainment system, toiletries, and service are very good. The food is okay, not that very special (or maybe I was too tired to even be aware of the taste of the food being served).  0.0

Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Express

Singapore to Dubai is approximately a seven (7) hour- flight. We had a layover at Dubai International Airport, but because Dubai is a very busy airport, our landing time was delayed as they were still clearing the runway. We did not have our 3-hour stop-over. Instead, we just got off, went thru the security check and walked to the next gate because we are boarding in the next hour. And off we go for another seven (7) hours inside the plane. Throughout the second leg of our flight, I was sleeping and so I felt that I had enough energy upon landing at Heathrow.

Heathrow Express

We got some advice from colleagues who have been in London and they told us that taking a cab from the airport to the city is never a good idea! It is not cheap.  What we did was we bought tickets and took the famous Heathrow Express.

Heathrow Express Ticket

We took this fast train to get to the Paddington Station then hailed a cab going to the hotel. It is less expensive that way. Our ride was more or less 30 minutes. The train was very clean, not crowded and cosy. While on the train, I feel like I am day-dreaming and I was telling him that it feels surreal! It was a dream come true for me. I was very happy and words are not enough to express how I feel! =)

Paddington Station

Paddington Station London

Paddington Station London

Paddington Station London

Note: Taxis are not air-conditioned. (of course! it will be way toooo cold if it was)

Writing this made me miss London. I wonder when can we get back? 😀

xoxo berryduchess

10 thoughts on “Emirates and Heathrow Express

  1. I hope you can get back to London soon! PS: Emirates Airways looks super elegant!

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