Appreciate the Little Things

Random people and cancer patients answer the same questions on life.


The beginning of this social experiment is pretty typical. Two strangers sit separated from each other by a wall. Neither knows who is on the other side.

They are each posed two questions, one after the other. “If you could have one wish, what would it be?” and “What makes you happy?”

The people sitting on the right-hand side answer as most of us would. They want to have a better job, to travel more, and to achieve success.


But when they hear their unseen partners’ responses, they can’t help but look surprised.


Produced by Spanish photographer Paola Calasanz, the video juxtaposes the desires of people are healthy, sitting on the right-hand side, with those of cancer patients and their family members on the left. The differences between the two are striking.

According to Calasanz, who created the video in collaboration with the Association of Adolescents and Young Adults With Cancer, the goal was to outline how drastically an illness can change one’s perspective on life.

The takeaway is clear: Take time to appreciate the small things in life and always put health first.

And always remember:

We do not appreciate life until we feel that we may lose it. Appreciate the little things.



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Let us all start each day with a grateful heart because it really makes a difference. ❤

xoxo berryduchess

29 thoughts on “Appreciate the Little Things

  1. Thanks for sharing. As a family member of a cancer patient who passed a few years ago, I relate to this. I’m sure he would have liked to see this too.

  2. This is a beautiful post. Today, a guy stopped me while I was coming out of Waterloo Station and spoke to me about Cancer Research UK. At first, I said I didn’t have time because I hadn’t seen the cause he was working for, then, despite being in a hurry, I remembered that you can always make time for those things that matter. I ended up signing up to donate monthly.
    I wondered how he does it at first, approaching so many people that walk past him as though he is a cardboard silhouette. This is why he does it. To fight for and protect kind people like these, that remind you what life is for and how to enjoy it.

  3. Reblogged this on homemade naturally and commented:
    So crying because this is another wonderful message. My little guy taught us how important it was to enjoy the little things but this is so much more. I want to re-blog and hope many others do to. We really need to hear this over and over to remind us how lucky we are and what is important. The little things we take for granted that others can’t even think about taking for granted.

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