REVIEW: Erin Condren 2015 Life Planner

I started my 2015 with a lot of plans, but the problem is that I do not have a planner to help me keep track and schedule things. How funny because, over the years, I would always have a planner (mostly Starbucks planners) but I do not use them at all. Now that I actually have a use for it, I cannot find one that fit my needs.

It was already mid-March and I still don’t have my planner! But with the help of the ever reliable Mr. Google, he pointed me to some options. Top of the search results were 2 brands: Erin Condren and Plum Paper. After few days of reading and comparing based on feedbacks, I decided to get the Erin Condren Life Planner. Today, I will share my full review for this famous planner. 🙂

The Brand

Erin is a US company based in California. They specialize in personalized stationery such as notebooks, notepads, calendars and address books.  But their main player are the personalized planners (12-month & 18-month) which are classified into:

  • life planners
  • wedding planners
  • teacher lesson planners
  • sorority planners

They also offer other products like invitations, shirts, carry-all clutches and even flip flops!

Ordering Process

erin condren 2015 planner review - order successful

The ordering process is simple and straightforward. Just like other online shops, all you have to do is create a profile and select your orders. To save you some time, I suggest that you check out their products first and list the items that you wish to purchase. 🙂 After you confirm the order, you will be directed to the page shown above and they provide a guide on how to check  your order status.

Shipping Details

Erin Condren customers are offered with flat rate shipping, depending on your location. Since the product is coming from USA and it will be delivered in Singapore, a higher shipping cost is expected (USD 19.95). The FedEx International Economy takes 4-6 business days. If you want to find out more about this rate, click here. As for the rest of their shipping rates, you may check them in the image provided below.

My Order

Erin’s regular planners are priced at USD 50 each. But they also have the special foil planners for USD 75. While both options looked fun and colorful, the latter has a more exquisite look that I liked. My first choice was the Gold – Turquoise color but because it was out of stock at the time of my purchase, I opted for the 12-month Gold – Charcoal because that was the only option left for this design, really. Then I added a personalized notepad that matches the design of my chosen planner. That time, the site was having a 25% off promo for all the life planners and of course, I took advantage of it. 😀

I placed my order on March 25th and received the confirmation email on the same date. Then on April 1st, I received the second email informing that my order is set for shipping and a tracking number has been provided. On April 7th, my planner finally arrived. ❤

Unboxing My Erin Condren 2015 Life Planner

erin condren 2015 planner review - unboxing

The box contains my 2015 EC life planner that was neatly packed in a bubble wrap and on top of it are some fun stuff. 🙂

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  • Inside the blue envelope were several personalized stickers with “berryduchess” printed on it
  • An envelope of colorful gift labels/stickers and a couple of bookplates.
  • Compliment card.
  • Welcome Voucher.
  • A complimentary “Sun Kind of Fun” shirt (not shown in this photo) that you will get when you spend USD 75 or more on the products.
erin condren 2015 planner review - full front view of berryduchess planner
Here is the full front view of my EC planner

erin condren 2015 planner  review - front page of berryduchess planner

The front and back covers of the planner are platinum foil stamped and laminated, giving it a neat and classy look. These covers are also interchangeable and you may order other designs (USD 10.95) from their website. In the photo, you will see that there is a transparent ruler that can be snapped-in anywhere inside or outside the planner. Also, a metallic gold elastic band (not included in the photo) is included to help keep your planner closed even if you have a lot of inserts.

erin condren planner review - gold-plated coil

This famous aluminum coil known for its sturdiness is one of the best physical features of their planners. This is according to the users who compared the EC planner with other planners.

erin condren planner review - monthly spreadsheet
Erin Condren – monthly spreadsheet

The planner has a two-page monthly spreads with coil-side binding. To provide a better monthly overview, goals and to-do lists were included. Lastly, these pages also contain inspirational quotes to keep you motivated as you begin each month.

erin condren planner review - 2016 -2017 full view
The monthly tabs are laminated.

erin condren planner review -full view of the daily spreadsheet

As for the weekly spreads, each day is divided into 3 segments: Morning, Day, Night. At the bottom of each page are additional space where you can write your additional lists or plans.

The rest of the features include:

  • Forget*Me*Not perpetual calendar & contacts
  • 20 pages of lined and designer blank pages for notes and sketches
  • DOUBLE-sided “keep it together” folder where you can place your stickers, receipts, post-its, and other things.
  • 240 colorful stickers to highlight birthdays, special events and reminders (these can be re-positioned!)
  • bound-in zip lock pocket

Lastly, are my personalized notepads and the complimentary shirt that I received from them. 😀

erin condren planner review - personalized notepads

In summary, here are my overall experience during the entire purchase:

1. Product – 4 / 5

While I would agree that this may be one of the best planners that you can have because it really serves their purpose and functionality BUT I have a couple of feedback.

  • DURABILITY of pages.

My planner has been with me for over 2 weeks and I already noticed that some of the pages were a bit worn out. Please hold your horses before you react! I want to let you know that I handle my EC planner with extra care, all the time. but what can I do? I really make use of my planner, like every day!

erin condren planner review - page b

erin condren planner review - page

I also read the same feedback from other users. I hope the EC team can take a look on this because it is sort of an issue, really. If they can also do the coil-binding side like what they did on the monthly spreads, it will be better. Will you agree with me? So now, I wonder how my planner looks like at the end of the year…

2. Ease of Use – 4/5

I had no issues with the planner but as I read and check out the weekly spread of the Plum Paper planner, I think I prefer their layout. In my personal opinion and preference, I need bigger space because I write a lot.

3. Price – 4/5

In my humble opinion, I think the price is reasonable. With the price that you pay, your planner is not only personalized but it also has the functional features. Come to think of it, the Starbucks planner will still be more expensive compared to this. Also, if you want to get a discounted rate, make sure you sign up to their e-mail newsletter so you will not miss any ongoing promotions. They also have referral programs! Check the rest of the details here.

4. Shipping / Delivery – 5/5

I appreciate their flat-rate shipping and the fact that I did not have any problems with the courier. My orders arrived on time and the box was in good condition.

Will I purchase again?

Sure! In fact, I already have my wishlist ready for my next purchase. But I am also considering to try other planners in the future. What will be nice is if Erin Condren would come up with a blogger’s planner. I am one of the first to order if that happens!

Will you recommend it?

Yes, why not? 🙂

We have reached the end of my review for the Erin Condren 2015 Life Planner. Thank you for your time and until our next review! ❤

Click the link for Erin Condren 2016 Life Planner Review.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

– Anonymous

xoxo berryduchess

19 thoughts on “REVIEW: Erin Condren 2015 Life Planner

  1. haha! I like that! I love scribbling, lettering and drawing. I mean , sometimes we need that. Just like how we do it when we were kids. I always reserve the last few pages of my notebooks for drawings and scribbles whenever im bored. LOL!

  2. Oh that is so kind of you. I follow SendSunshine, too. At the moment I am not self-hosting my blog. I am giving myself some more time to see if I can actively keep my blog active for at least a year or two then I will consider self-hosting. 🙂 I just did some tweaks and turns with the design that worked 🙂

  3. Hi!
    I know SendSunshine. Do you self-host? If yes, I feel I will learn from you.
    Thank you so much for following my blog. I would have welcomed you sooner, but I was on vacation Welcome!

  4. Hello Carri,

    When I ordered last March, I did not encounter any problems at all. Then I ordered again (this time I got the ready to ship one) for my 2016 to see the rose gold limited edition and they were delayed. My order was supposed to be sent on the 25th but when I checked, the status was still “PENDING.” I think they have a lot of issues going on coz they did not expect such high turnout especially for the rose gold planners and thats why their production was in a bit of a struggle. I read some bad complaints and some are even returning their planners more than twice and I do not want that to happen (esp that it will be int’l shipping fee for me). At the moment, I am patiently waiting and I hope to hear updates sooner. Though they also sent 2 emails advising that there will be delays.

    Maybe at this point, I cannot recommend them because of the problems that they have with both production and customer service (i read a lot of struggles online). At least maybe after they sorted things out? I want other customers to have the best and not be frustrated so as not to spoil their experience with the planner. Maybe you may want to check out Limelife planner or the Inkwell Press Planners? I heard great things about them and even planning to get mine.

    Soon as I receive my EC 2016 planner, I will definitely post another review about it 😀 Thanks for asking Carri and I hope my (long) response helped you out.

  5. I was going to order a planner, but their Facebook page seems to have a lot of disgruntled clients who haven’t received their orders yet- that makes me a bit nervous, but you did get yours in a timely fashion… They are attractive.

  6. I agree! If you check them put today, i they are having a 40% off 🙂 u can also get the 18-month planner for an additional of usd 5 🙂 i think if i will order another erin condren planner, i will get the 18-month 🙂

  7. This planner is sooooo cute! I love a true paper planner and I have heard good things from others about Erin Condren. You have motivated me to go check it out

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