Singapore Diaries: The Potong Ice Cream

Offer me a banana split, coffee or Kahlua brown flavour and I am sold. But! if you are in Singapore, don’t you dare miss trying the “Potong” ice cream. Potong means cut. The ice cream is cut in a small blocks and you can choose wafer or bread to go with it. They have regular flavours such as chocolate, strawberry raspberry ripple, and cookies and cream but if you wish to try the local flavor, you can have mango, corn, and red bean or if you are bolder, try durian 😀

Potong Ice Cream in Choco Mint Chip flavor

A colloquial term for it is “pia ice cream”, which translates to “biscuit ice cream” in the Hokkien dialect.

Source: Wikipedia

The ice cream vendors are commonly found outside schools or if you are touring the city, you will definitely find them on the streets of Orchard and Chinatown.

Potong Ice Cream Vendors

This uncle and auntie in the photo are our favorite sellers of this local ice cream.  They are kind and smile a lot.  I bought my first Potong from them in Orchard (2013) and few weeks ago we saw them again just blocks away from where we live. Don’t you worry, we try our best not to get too much ice cream! 😀

Now this post made me crave for some cold treat. 😉

This is in response to Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: 32 Flavors

xoxo berryduchess

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