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For 2015, I decided to start a hobby. I want to collect something. Though I already started having my coin album and currencies from the countries that we visited (including hubby’s work-related trips), I wanted to have something that I can have fun with. If only makeups can last a lifetime, my life will be easier. 😀

Starbucks Gold Card

If some collect Starbucks’ planners or mugs and tumblers, I decided to start collecting Starbucks Cards. Allow me to give you a brief background of what the card is all about and how I started having more than one.

In 2000, Starbucks started work on what would one day be known as the “Starbucks Card.”   The concept was simple; a stored value debit card that would allow consumers to quickly pay for their Starbucks purchases without the hassle of fumbling for money or waiting for change.

The Starbucks Card was launched nationwide in the United States of America on November 14, 2001 to coincide with the holiday season.   The first card available to the general public was the “Snowflake” card that featured white snowflakes on a silver background.   This card came with a red holiday sleeve although when first loaded, if the customer put $100 or more on the card, they were given a special tin case.   Cards are sold with a minimum balance of $5.00 and a maximum balance of $500.00

In the years since the Starbucks card was launched, hundreds of different cards have been issued in the United States, Canada, Germany, Greece, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, Ireland, Mexico, Spain and The United Kingdom. When the Starbucks Card was first introduced in Canada , the system could not differentiate between US and Canadian currency making it possible for people to load their card in Canada with Canadian Dollars and spend the balance in the United States as if they were US Dollars. This problem has been resolved and today many cards from various countries can be used across boarders.


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February 2013, I moved to Singapore and a few months later I purchased my first Starbucks card. I got the Beacon Front design. Unfortunately, due to overuse, my card had a crack which later on got bigger. I decided to get a new one and cut it with scissors.  Sigh* if only I knew that I will realize I will start collecting them. (darn it!)

Beacon Front Starbucks Card
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Since I had to dispose of the first one, I chose  their 2014 summer-inspired card and at the same time, I got one for the mister. He picks me up from work every day and most of the time he waits at the nearest coffee shop in the office. My point is, he could have already been earning points with his orders if he uses the card. 😀

Starbucks Card 3
Top: AROMA CARD 2012 Bottom: ICE CUBE CARD 2014

The GOLD Card

Starbucks Gold Card 2
Please note that the name on the card was edited by the author.

On October 17, 2014 I received an email from Starbucks Singapore informing that they will release an All-new Rewards program and I was automatically granted with a GOLD Status. (I guess I had THAT MUCH coffee!) The program was officially launched on November 13, 2014.  As a Gold member, here are some of the perks that you are entitled to enjoy:

Starbucks Singapore Gold Card Rewards

for more details, you may visit Starbucks Singapore website.

Then on December 2014, I got Starbucks Singapore Limited Edition Red Cup Card set that was designed for the Christmas season. But since I already have the Gold card, I just transferred the balance to my existing account and kept this in a box together with the other cards.  This came with a silver keychain.

Starbucks Card - Red Cup

Starbucks Singapore Limited Edition Red Cup Card set

The Sterling Silver Card

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Photo courtesy of

I received another email from Starbucks Singapore that offers a Sterling Silver Card on selected Gold members  (this is by invitation only).  The card is “made of jewellery quality 925 sterling silver.” According to the details of the email, it was also the first precious metal Starbucks card that they have offered. Only 290 pieces were made available in Singapore and RSVP is a must. It was unfortunate that when I received the email, we were at the airport, waiting for our flight to Europe. The RSVP period was only good for 2 weeks which was the same as our stay in France. Also, this card is not cheap but it is understandable because of the material used. I am still hoping that I can get this because it is truly a collector’s item.

The Alicia+Olivia Card

Processed with Rookie

This special edition card was released in Singapore on January 31st. The set included a “Stace Face” mug, a tote bag, and the Alice + Olivia Reward card and was only available at Starbucks ION Orchard. The merchandise set was designed by Alice + Olivia’s CEO and Creative Director Stacey Bendet and priced at 128 SGD.

I did not go on the first day because I was thinking it will definitely be a full house because the merchandise itself is something worth grabbing. True enough, it was sold out in a snap.  Later on, I found out that there were only 88 sets made available in Singapore.

Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of

Thankfully, this limited edition reward card made a comeback on February 2015. Here is a snap of my post last March 7th in my Instagram account when Le Hubbs (hubby)  gifted it to me because according to him, the design reminds him of me (I think it was the red lips :D):

The GOOD NEWS: This limited edition card is priced at $30, the card comes with a $20 value that you can use.

The BETTER NEWS: From 9-15 March 2015, you can enjoy a free customization of the drink of your choice; limited to one redemption per transaction. This offer can be enjoyed for multiple uses throughout the offer period.

The BEST?! This Limited Edition Alice+Olivia Starbucks Card is available in Singapore until 31May. On top of the $20 value that you can use, you get to enjoy 10% off your purchase if you shop in Alice+Olivia ION. This offer is up from 1Feb-31May 2015.

What a way to celebrate the Women’s Month. Visit StarbucksSG’s website to know where you can get this #limitededition card. #StarbucksSingapore#alicia+olivia #starbuckscard #starbucksSG#aliciaoliviacard

source: @berryduchess

Meanwhile in the Philippines, the Starbucks card was introduced in the summer of 2013. It was on July 2014 when the PILIPINAS Starbucks card was launched.  It was the first exclusive design for the Philippines.

Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of

The subject is the Philippine Eagle – one of the largest, rarest and most powerful birds in the world. It is also known as the monkey-eating eagle, the great Philippine eagle, the haribon or Haring Ibon (king of birds). Other local names have been given to this species that can grow up to 1.021 meters from the tip of its bill to its tail and its eyes are a dusky blue color. This species’ nests can be found in trees 120 feet from the ground. Philippine eagle eggs are typically little smaller than a fist. Courting starts as early as July and the building of nests typically lasts from September to December. The female eagle becomes lethargic and refuses to eat eight to ten days before laying an egg. It will then lay an egg between the afternoon and twilight. Incubating the egg takes 58 to 68 days and both parents participate. After hatching, the chick remains in the nest for five months.


At the moment, I have 4 cards to start my collection. Too bad I did not purchase some cards when we went to UK and France. Oh well. Hopefully, I will get some Philippine Starbucks card when I go home this year and maybe I can ask some friends to help me with this project. 😀 I read that some collectors are trading designs, but I still don’t know how things really work. I need to acquaint myself with this stuff.

One thing is for sure, I am excited with this and I hope to have an awesome collection. 😀

What about you? Do you have any hobbies or collection? Tell me about it!

xoxo berryduchess

21 thoughts on “Coffee Cards

  1. Start a network of people who will join! you have instagram? you can exchange addresses to PO boxes (so nobody knows exactly where you live) and others too, An exchange 😀

  2. If they don’t I’ll write posts about it until WordPress tells me to stop 😛 A friend of mine has over 40 Starbucks cards now from all over the world, very cool 🙂

  3. Thats a nice suggestion 😛 I will! 🙂 but i only have 2 of the planners here with me. The rest is in Manila. Lets see! Who knows? Korea’s planner is nicer (in my opinion) 🙂

  4. OMG! You are a Starbucks rockstar!! I can’t believe you have your personalized cards/keychain! Super cool!!!!

  5. One a year! hum, I wonder if they’ll ever have them here because wow it looks nice! plus it’s far more useful than buying a coffee tumbler for collecting lol! maybe you can do a post of the ones you have? 🙂

  6. Wait! That is one each year! Not 5 in a year :)) sorry for the confusion. Lol!omg. It stopped when I moved here. The last one that I had was the 2014 planner. I know Thailand and Korea have them too but not sure in other countries. In Singapore, they dont have it. But the quality of the planner is very nice. I used mine well.

  7. Still making waves in the Philippines! hahaha! Every November they launch the Christmas drink specials. In order to get the “free” planner, you have to complete 18 stickers. 1 sticker per drink. So thinking about it, and the price of the coffee you buy, it is really not free. 😀 I remember reading satirical news about the planner collectors :)) really funny! I think I have 5 of those :)) Some were given by friends while some were fruits of being a coffee addict :D.

  8. For a while Starbucks was selling notebooks with a pen and the set cost a fortune each, like almost a hundred something per! I was also told that there were different ones for each country, pretty crazy 🙂

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