Paris Travel Diaries: 7 Reasons Why Saint Lazare Station is Worth Visiting

1. Saint Lazare Station was built as the first station in Paris in 1837.

Gare Saint Lazare

2. Gare Saint-Lazare places second after Gare du Nord as the second busiest station in Paris.

Inside Saint Lazare Station

With an estimate of around having 450, 000 passengers every day, the station is equipped with:

  • 300 passengers-information screens

  • 21 escalators and lifts

  • 27 platforms which serve both suburban (Transilien)  and Intercités (Normandy)

A busy evening in Gare Saint-Lazare

Passenger-information screen at Gare Saint-Lazare

3. This building was considered a historical monument since 1984.

Saint Lazare Station

4. The Saint Lazare is the only station in Paris that has the Bulle or Bubble-shaped metro entrance.

Bulle - Saint Lazare Station

Bulle - Saint Lazare

5. There is only one The FIRST Burger King in this fashion capital is found at the Saint Lazare Station.

Burger King - Saint Lazare Station

6. Still talking about fast food, outside the station you will find the only McDonald’s restaurant that was ranked as a historical monument in Paris.

The colored buidling is found at 119 Rue Saint Lazare

7. Outside Gare Saint-Lazare, you will find this interesting bronze statue that depicts an “accumulation” made of suitcases entitled Consigne à Vie (Storage of Life) by Arman.

‘Consigne à Vie’ statue by Arman - Saint Lazare


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