Bermondsey Square Hotel Review

When we travelled to London last December 2013, we stayed for 9 days at the Bermondsey Square Hotel. Location-wise, it is at the city center, just along Tooley Street and very accessible to all types of transportation (Bus/Tube/private vehicle). Within the area, is a restaurant named Del’Aziz offering Moroccan cuisine. Next is a Sainsbury store, a convenience store where you can basically get whatever you need especially if you are staying for more than 3 days. Then, there is  another place that looks like a bar/cafe and you can also watch movies. It was a mini-movie haus.


Bermondsey Square Hotel Review

The room is quite small and just perfect for 2 persons. The room size is fine, considering we will be spending most of our time outside, exploring the city. What is important is that the bed is comfortable for a night’s sleep, and Bermondsey’s bed did not disappoint. 🙂 The bed, comforter, and pillows are clean and fresh making it very cozy and we had our good sleep. 🙂

It is also worth mentioning that the room is well-maintained and they clean it every day.  Not all hotel rooms smell fresh. Believe me, I had my share of these types of room. The air condition works fine. They have a work area where you can place and charge your gadgets; a personal-size fridge where you can put your water or juice.

Bermondsey Square Hotel Review

The bathroom is well-lighted. It comes with a rain shower, but no bathtub. Their toiletries, oh, I love them! Normally I don’t fancy these things from hotels because they have floral scents and most of the time (or at least based on the hotels where I’ve been to), they smell like roses (and I don’t like that). Bermondsey’s brand for their toiletries is called Eco-Boutique and the scent is the combination of Aloe Vera and Green Tea and it smells so fresh! 🙂 Unfortunately, I forgot to snap some shots of them.

Bermondsey Square Hotel Review

The white door is the toilet/shower. They have a flat-screen TV and a big window facing the open area where the Antique Market is set up every Fridays.

Bermondsey Square Hotel Review

This is the view from our room, and across you can see (with the tiny orange letters) the Sainsbury Store.

As much as I want to share the cost of our hotel room, I cannot, because the booking was done by husband’s company. The breakfast was not included in the room rate and it roughly ranges from £ 9 – £ 14 ++ per person.  For the rates, you may just visit the hotel’s website.


The hotel has a restaurant and we had our breakfast here, too. They offer a buffet breakfast or you can choose an ala carte item from their menu such as Eggs Benedict. We did not try having lunch and dinner as we are always out. Also it is worth mentioning that the restaurant across (Del’Aziz) is great.

GB Grill & Bar

Chocolate Lava Cake_ GB Grill & Bar

Chocolate Lava Cake from GB Grill

Berber Pancakes by Del Aziz

Berber pancakes from Del’ Aziz

Turkish Coffee 2

Turkish Coffee

In summary, here is my overall experience during our entire stay:

Price – 4 out of 5

  • The hotel rate is reasonable. For the price you pay, you get to have with good service and facilities.

Customer Service – 5 out of 5

  • Friendly and very attentive to your needs and queries.

Will you go visit again?

  • Yes. The hotel is ideally located (5-8 minute walk from the London Bridge Station) and being near to a convenience store is a plus.

Will you recommend it?

  • Yes.  I highly recommend this hotel.

Thank you for reading and until my next hotel review!

xoxo, berryduchess

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