What Colors Your World?

I am sharing with you this which was originally posted last Sept. 12, 2010.  Happy Sunday!


My husband and I attended the mass this evening and, to be honest, I was a bit sleepy.  Not because of the mass, but because earlier this day, we did a lot of chores. We did the full second batch of our laundry, cooked and cleaned the house.  Even if it was a very tiring Sunday, we decided to attend the mass, and we wanted to have the crucifix given by his Dad, to be blessed in the church.

The mass started and then came the homily.  The priest was not boring, not at all.  One reason, why I won’t be interested in hearing mass, would be because of the celebrant.  You know when the speaker looks boring or if you can feel that with the words he is using at the beginning of his sentence will lead to something that can make you yawn?  My apologies but admit it or not, it is very rare to find a preacher who can touch your heart through his words.  That is what I am looking for even though you already heard of the story, you  still lend your ears for some new lessons or on how creative the explanation can be.


He started with the statement with, “ano ba ang magbibigay-kulay sa inyong mundo?” (What can give color to your world?)

Is it money?

But what if you don’t have money? Will life end? 

Will it be career?

What about retirement?

Will your life end after retirement?  

I was awakened by the question and secretly asked myself. What colors my world?  I cannot answer. He continued with his homily and pointed out another important lesson.  Choice.  This one, I cannot help but nod while he was explaining and giving examples.

He said that God gave us the chance to choose, EVERY DAY.  He has given us the free will to do things in life. According to the priest, every day in our lives, we are given the choice whether to be faithful to our husband/wife or be unfaithful.

Every day, we have the option to be good or bad parents.

Every day, when you go to work, you have the choice to be a good employee or a corrupt or bad employee.

Free will is such a great gift from God.  It was given to us, regardless of race, height, gender, or size.

Every person has a good side.

– Prof. Randy Pausch

Lastly, he mentioned about forgiveness.  Have you tried asking yourself why was it so hard for us to forgive? I tried doing this, and my answer was because I was hurt.  It hit me! Sometimes I want to get even.  I always tell my friends, “you won’t understand because you were not in the situation.” which I believe is true.

What colors your world_berryduchess

Nevertheless, forgiveness has always been a big word for me.  But with God, He never gets tired of forgiving everyone, no matter how great your sins are. If he can do it, why can’t we?  To be honest, I am learning to do this. Learning to let go of the things that hurt me in my past, and it really helps you heal.  They say that in order to start anew, you should clean the skeletons in your closet. Let go of those excess baggage and let the sunshine in.  Slowly, I am learning, and like a child who is learning how to walk for the first time, I am getting by.  It really helps, it helps you as a person and it makes your life less miserable 🙂

Quoting Prof. Randy Pausch during his presentation in The Last Lecture, he said that “every person has a good side“, all we have to do is to be patient.  I believe this is true, do you think there is a person who is actually very evil and ruthless since birth? (the villains in fictional stories will not be counted).

These are the things that made me think after we attended an hour of mass, and I felt good.  After going to the church, I feel great.  Not sleepy or anything, rather wiser.  I may not have the answers to all the questions that he asked, but I know that with my faith, I am complete.

What about you? What colors your world? 🙂



Let me know your thoughts :)

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