This flagship store located at the Boulevard Haussmann (9th arrondissement) in Paris,  began its journey towards success in 1893 when Théophile Bader and his cousin Alphonse Kahn took over the lease of a small haberdashery shop at the corner of rue La Fayette and the Chaussée d’Antin,

A HABERDASHER is a person who sells small articles for sewing, such as buttons, ribbons, zips, and other notions (in the United Kingdom) or a men’s outfitter (American English). A haberdasher’s shop or the items sold therein are called haberdashery.

– Wikipedia

Galeries Lafayette 2014 - 6
The moment you set your eyes on this beautiful architecture inside the department store, the only thing that you may say will be, “WOW!” while taking photos. Trust me you will because I did and together with the rest of the other tourist as well. 🙂 Don’t be shy to appreciate such beauty.  It is not every day that we get to see this kind of sight. 😉

Galeries Lafayette 2014 - 2

Galeries Lafayette is like the counterpart of Harrods’ in France. Comparing these two luxury department stores, Harrods is bigger in overall space/size, and it is also worth noting that the size of each store is bigger compared to Galeries Lafayette.  With the high volume of tourists and locals shopping on weekends, the place can be very crowded.

Galeries Lafayette 2014 - 1
This is where the women get the good stuff! 😉
Display at the Repetto Store
Display at the Repetto Store

Galeries Lafayette 2014 - 7

Galeries Lafayette_2014

This was from the 6th floor of the department store, where you can have a good view of the city.  From afar, you can see the Eiffel tower as if waving and saying hi 🙂



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