Hotel Antin Saint Georges – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

For starters, the hotel was not our personal preference for this trip. Despite the bad reviews that I read online, I just told myself to be ready, make the most out of it and what else could be worse than our stay at that old Harris Hotel in Batam, Indonesia last 2013? We thought that the promo getaway package was a real steal because of the promising photos they had online. The rest of the facilities and service are just not up to the typical hotel standards. So yes, I was ready and have not set so much expectation for this one.

Facade of Hotel Antin Saint Georges, Paris; (Photo courtesy of TripAdvisor)


  • Spot-on location. It is few steps away from Saint George Station and there were several bus stops nearby.
  • A lot of restaurants and cafes nearby.
  • Accessible to a number of famous places such as Galeries Lafayette, the Opera Garnier, Moulin Rouge (Pigalle Station) and a lot more.
  • Generally, they have good and friendly staff.

Breakfast at Hotel Antin Saint Georges

The dining area of the hotel where breakfast is served every morning

Breakfast at Hotel Antin Saint Georges 0

  • Offers a good price for a buffet breakfast during the weekend (Saturday – Monday) which is at 8 euros/pax; From Tuesdays-Fridays, they charge 12 euros per person.

The coffee pot can serve 2 people .

The coffee pot can serve 2 people.

Breakfast at Hotel Antin Saint Georges 3

This was our first meal when we arrived at the hotel, and yes, the breads are great but they have limited options, but it is really not that bad.

Breakfast at Hotel Antin Saint Georges 2

Their Pain Au Chocolat is my favorite and they are always on my plate every time we eat breakfast at the hotel.

Breakfast at Hotel Antin Saint Georges 4

Aside from these, they also have different types of bread that you can toast and a variety of spread to choose from (Nutella, jams, cheese, butter, etc). They have cereals and 2 types of juices (apple and orange).

A brief background before we proceed:

After a 13-hour flight and lifting our heavy luggage and hand carries as we went up and down the stairs and transfer from a train to another, can you just imagine the surprise on our faces when we finally saw our room? To be fair, the reception area of the hotel is quite nice, so when you walk in, you will have a good feel that maybe it was not as bad as what it was in the TripAdvisor reviews. I was wrong…

The BAD:

The general problem of this hotel would be their facilities. They are not properly maintained, in fact, it’s already deteriorated.

  • Key Card
    • Regardless of the number of guests (1 or more), they only give ONE key card per room and you have to surrender that every time you go out of the hotel. This is my first time because in our previous hotel stays, regardless of hotel’s rating, they issue 2 access card to us and no need to return it every time we go out.
  • Elevator is old and so small.
    • There is only one elevator and I think it can only have 3 people in it (max) and if you have luggage or you are on the heavy side, only 2.
    • Since it is already old, it takes time to move and when you reach your floor, it has that certain jolt as it stops.
  • Narrow corridor
    • When the elevator door opened, a narrow corridor welcomed us.  How narrow? 2 people cannot walk side by side (unless they are slim adults, a child or teens). That narrow.  I remember when we arrived, the housekeeping were in the middle of their work and their trolley for the bed sheets and towels were in the middle, so our luggage cannot get through.  There are no rooms for movement so we had to go through one person at a time.
  • Dining Area
    • they only offer breakfast and nothing else.
    • room service is not an option because they don’t have it in the first place.

The UGLY: (the room):

We booked for a Superior Room and it comes with Queen size bed and an extra bed placed on the other side of the room. Like I mentioned before, I prepared myself for this before the trip but the feeling was different when we saw it with our own eyes.

  • No safe box for our belongings
  • No A/C or Electric fan
    • though admittedly, there is no need for one because of the cold weather but at some point you will need one.  We ended up sleeping with the windows slightly opened.
  • The window.

Hotel Antin Saint Georges 2

I was out of words when I saw this.

  • Curtains are old and near to tattered.. it is no longer white.

Hotel Antin Saint Georges 1

These were the curtains and we had them from day 1 til the day 14.

  • No water, kettle or drinking glasses provided.
    • Bottled water is expensive here if you do not buy from convenience stores such as Monoprix but on the lighter side, it is safe to drink tap water. In fact, I would always ask for the tap water when we dine in restaurants. But you see for this, it is either you drink the water from the bathroom sink or you die thirsty. Kidding! Just go buy some pricey juice because they do not have a 7-11 store available. All business establishments will be closed on Sundays and yes, we arrived on a Sunday. How great was that? (insert sarcasm everywhere) Restaurants only have glass bottled water and no, you cannot bring it out.
Hotel Antin Saint Georges 8
No, I am not brave enough to get my drinking water from here.

Whenever we travel or stay in a hotel, I would always bring my own toiletries in case that I may not like their chosen scent and thank goodness I brought our own because they only provide a tiny bar of soap, 2 sachets of bath foam gel and 2 disposable drinking cups that are replenished only after you check out. No toothbrush/toothpaste provided.

Also, I do not get the design of their shower and bath tub. For most hotels, the shower holder will be higher, but this one is different. So if you are taking bath on a standing position just like me, it will be a challenge and the bathroom floor will be really wet.

Hotel Antin Saint Georges 7
The hotel’s bathtub and shower head
  • Wastebasket in the bathroom was busted – meaning, you have to manually open it with your hands if you have to throw your trash.
  • The bathroom and toilet are separated and the toilet seat cover was busted.
  • Carpet was old, dirty-looking and have that musty-feeling plus they do not provide slippers. Of course, I did not dare walking in my bare feet so I was always wearing socks and I used my ballet flats when I roam the room.  I told him that next time, we should really have some Uggs!

The carpet looked okay in photos but when you see it, you will understand what I mean.

The carpet looked okay in photos but when you see it, you will understand what I mean.

Hotel Antin Saint Georges 3

One of the hangers was broken and I think I saw photos like this online and seems that they did not replace them.

  • The side tables, headboard and the rest of the furniture are dusty.

Hotel Antin Saint Georges 5

Hotel Antin Saint Georges 4

  • No iron and ironing board
  • There was no door hanger to say “Do not disturb” or “Please clean my room”.
    • I really hope they would try to have those signs because there were couple of instances when I was inside either taking a bath, in the toilet or changing my my clothes and housekeeping was trying to come in and good thing I have the chair blocked the door.
  • I get that the room is definitely not sound-proof but they are doing maintenance repairs at 8 in the morning and you can hear the noise in the room.

Also, they have this staff who was a bit lazy, in my opinion. On the day when the housekeeping was supposed to do the first day of room cleaning, I told the staff that I will give it a pass and have it tomorrow instead. I was feeling light-headed that time and my body was in pain. I wanted to lay down for a few more hours. The staff easily agreed and gave me the fresh towels and left without even getting the used ones. On the third day, it was the same staff who came in and when I opened the door, she was standing there while holding the fresh towels and said “no clean?” with a big smile – she assumed that I will not let her clean again, despite the language barrier, I tried to tell her that I only need 5 minutes and I am going out so she can clean our room. Her response? she said she is going off in 5 minutes. I was like, what?! I am in the middle of fixing myself and I need to lock all the luggage before stepping out and I had to decide ASAP, so yeah, the staff won and I just told her clean the room the next day.

Also, we noticed that housekeeping lets the bed sheets and towels just lie on the floor while they were changing them. I get that it is used and they will be sent to the laundry anyway, but with the carpet condition, it is not a good thing for guests to see that. Lastly, the bed sheets – for other hotels, they normally change them every other day, but I believe ours was not changed during our entire stay.  :/

My last job was in a hotel industry and my stay for less than 2 years in the company educated me with a lot of things about the business. We also have our share of personal experiences when it comes to travel stays and staycation and this is by far at the bottom of my list. Being rated as a 2-star boutique hotel makes me want to disagree.

With a number of reviews and comments made by their guests, I hope the management or owner of this establishment would take a look and try to improve things and at least try to meet the basic hotel standards. Hotel Antin Saint Georges is ideally located and improvements in the facilities will definitely improve their sales.

In summary, here are my overall experience during our entire stay:

Price – 3/5

  • The average rate for this hotel is at 110++ euros per night (at least during our stay), including breakfast.

Customer Service  – 3/5

  • As mentioned, they are generally good, helpful and friendly..

Will I go back to stay next time I visit the area?

  • I would like to explore other options.

Will you recommend it?

  • if you just need a place to stay in for the night, then it is fine. But if you will stay for a week or two, I recommend you check other hotels.

Everyone has the POWER FOR GREATNESS, not for fame but for greatness, because greatness is determined by service.

– Martin Luther King, Jr.

xoxo, berryduchess

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  1. Yes. I tried taking photos and the room looked alright in photos. Must be the lighting and the color of lights. But if you see it, you would really want to cancel your reservations

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