Brains won’t shut up..

3 days from now I will be on a 2-week trip and I am very anxious about it because of several things:

1. Language barriers

2. Panic packing – my first time to actually have a middle-size luggage for a 2-week trip AND it’s winter for Pete’s sake! I need clothes!

3. Safety – am I making myself paranoid but my friends were just telling me to do the “poker face” thing when I go around.

Bottom line, I am excited and at the same time nervous. This is a dream destination but as I read and read reviews, ugh! Paranoia comes in.

Maybe I should have started having wine with my meals? I guess…


9 thoughts on “Brains won’t shut up..

  1. True!! And if you are shopping for clothes during winter, it’s tiring! Matatawa ka nalang sa itsura mo when you see it in the mirror lol :)) i dont have a back pack, my bags are either handbags or cross body… Saka baka maparanoid ako lalo pag back pack hahaha i read somewhere that designer bags is okay but then the pickpocket things came in hahaha

  2. It’s surprising how easily a bag gets heavy noh? How about a nice backpack? Marami din namang girls na nag-ba-backpack dun. During my first (and only) winter experience, at first feel na feel kong magsuot ng daming layers, but after a while nakakapagod na! Permanently deformed na yung mga tights ko. 😀 At ang sarap when you’ve been walking in the cold and you enter your heated room!

  3. Haha i really value your pieces of advise 🙂 im planning to bring my mini luggage so i can put everything din inside. My body ached on Uk when i was carrying a crossbag and an slr on my shoulder and i have a lot of layers pa

  4. Yeah, just don’t stay out too late. (Parang nanay lang. Haha!) And just keep your head down, stay away from dark isolated places…the usual. I usually use cross body bags because I get to keep my hands free but I have to admit the idea of carrying a classy handbag in Paris is tempting.

  5. No, no, no, don’t be paranoid! Everything will be fine. For #1 just smile a lot and learn how to say “I’m sorry I don’t understand French” in an apologetic tone. You’ll get by with that and bonjour and merci and au revoir. Most of the French I’ve met are actually nice and not at all like the snooty Parisians you always seem to read about.

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