Bobbi Brown Vintage Red, Red Carpet and NARS Jungle Red Lip Liner – Photos, Reviews and Swatches

They say that looking for the perfect red lipstick is challenging and I agree to that. The key is knowing your correct undertone. For my case, I go for the blue undertone as they are very flattering when I wear them.  (Check here for more tips on choosing the best lipstick for your skin.)  Before hitting my late 20’s, I’m always wearing nudes and pinks. I stayed away from corals as I feel that they make my teeth look yellowish, but thinking now, maybe I was not getting the right shade back then.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Also, I used to putting makeup on without understanding the basics.  What were my common mistakes? Well, here are some:

1. Not using primers/sunblocks.

2. Not using proper makeup remover. I would normally wash my face with soap and water. Yes. I suck that much.

3. I would have my makeup on, but I do not use eyebrow makeup. Seriously, when I was looking at my pictures, I am cringing! I looked like a cat!


Image courtesy of

4. I am at extremes when it comes to my eye shadow colors.  From totally washed-out look to Gothica.

Embarrassing as it may sound, but I have been through horrible mistakes but thank goodness I slowly learned the proper basics of makeup 101. At least I had the chance to correct my mistakes and my photos looked better now. 😀

Then came the years of RED.  It was late 2010 when I started wearing my very first red matte lipstick.  What made me decide on trying that shade? I saw some TV personalities wearing them.  For me, seeing a woman with less makeup, winged eyeliner, and bold red lipstick makes her true beauty stand out from the crowd.

Did I find the color red (pardon my word) slutty as how other people may interpret it? Definitely NOT. I see red as a powerful color. I normally go in a black dress or power suit and put my red lipstick on, then complement it with the perfect stilettos. I believe that it really depends on the image that you would like to exude while wearing the red color. Will it be a bombshell? or will it be a powerful corporate woman? That really depends on you. But one thing is for sure, wearing red lips will require your confidence to go with it.

So how many red lipsticks do I have? hmm.. I think I have around 7, and I will be sharing the latest 2 lipsticks and 1 lip liner that I added to my collection. They are my first Bobbi Brown lipsticks and first NARS lipliner.

Let me start with the NARS lipliner in Jungle Red.  I fell in love with this lip liner instantly!  I really liked how striking it was when I tried to swatch it on my backhand.

NARS Lip Liner Jungle Red

NARS Jungle Red Lip Liner Review and Swatch

When I tried applying it, it was very pigmented, easy to glide on the lips and has a semi-matte finish. I normally go for very matte ones but they say that super matte lipsticks may make you look older, that is why I am trying to experiment on semi-mattes nowadays. If you are like me, you may use the lip liner alone or use it together with your red lipstick. Here are the photos where I used it alone and together with a red lipstick.

Wearing the NARS Lip Liner in Jungle Red without any lipstick.

Wearing the NARS Lip Liner in Jungle Red without any lipstick.

I used Nars Jungle Red Lip Liner and Bobbi Brown Red Carpet

I used Nars Jungle Red Lip Liner and Bobbi Brown Red Carpet

My next mission is to get the Jungle Red lipstick. 😛 Okay moving on, here are my swatches for the Bobbi Brown lippies that I got.

Bobbi Borwn Red Carpet and Vintage Red Swatches

When I was at the store, my eyes were set towards the Hollywood Red, but when I swatched it, I did not get the “buy-me-now” vibe. Then, I found the Red Carpet shade which was recommended by the SA when I mentioned to her that I am looking for a red matte lipstick.

Bobbi Brown’s Red Carpet has a creamy matte finish and it’s moisturizing. That was the one thing that I liked about it, the moisturizing factor.  I remember I love wearing MAC’s Ruby Woo, but after a few hours, my lips will be very dry, and that is not complimenting at all.

Bobbi Brown Red Carpet Lipstick Review

Lastly, it would be Bobbi Brown’s Lip color in Vintage Red.  This reminds me of some Hollywood beauty icons such as Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe.

This shade was really not on my list, but when I tried putting them on and I showed it to my husband, he asked me to get it because he finds it flattering for me. This is the first time that he gave his opinion, and I find it nice, too 🙂  I was quite unsure when I got it but after looking at the mirror while wearing the Vintage Red, I am quite convinced that it is time try a different shade of red.

Bobbi Brown Vintage Red Lipstick Review

As described by Bobbi Brown, this lipstick has a “true red” shade with a soft matte finish.

Bobbi Brown in Vintage Red Review

Nevertheless, the main reason why I got this shade was because I love how it makes the rest of my face look brighter without giving that overpower look. This can be used on a regular day.

There you go lovelies, these are my latest lipstick haul and I am very excited to use them most especially that the winter season is around the corner. But for me, red will always be a representation of classic beauty and glamour.

If you ever decide to wear a red lipstick, just pick it up, pucker up and just get it on, girl! 🙂

Makeup of the day:

  • Foundation:  Shu Uemura’s Lightbulb UV Liquid Foundation
  • Eyeshadow – NYX Butt naked Eyes Palette
  • Brows – NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder  in Taupe/Ash (03)
  • Eyeliner – NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker in Black
  • Blush/Bronzer/Illuminator – NYX Butt naked Eyes Palette


xoxo berryduchess

“She has a way with words, red lipstick & making an entrance.”

– Kate Spade

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