What If You Don’t Wear Any Makeup On Your First Date?

I was spending an afternoon at a mall and I am at my usual coffee shop, sitting and trying to play with some ideas in my head.  While I enjoy observing the people around me a thought popped in my mind.. What if the ladies won’t wear makeups on the first date? Will that be a game changer?  Will there be a second or third date?

First dates are important, especially for the women, agree? This is the part where the woman prepares as if she is attending a red carpet event. 🙂 Let me list a few common things that we do for first dates:

– take a long bath

– shave our legs

– pick the perfect little black dress (something that says, a-little-sexy-but-not-slutty)

– the shoes and purse to match the dress

– choosing the right accessories to match the outfit

– the perfume that makes us unforgettable

– the makeup that makes us flawless and a whole lot more.

Women, in general, do this simply because we want to leave a good impression to the person at the other end of the table. We want a high percentage of likeability that might lead to second dates.

Ask yourself.

How many first dates have you gone thru where you made the same preparations?

But what if you meet your date and just be you?

No makeup, colored contact lenses, false lashes, fancy dress or accessories?  Will it be a hit or a miss?


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With so many articles in different women’s magazines available, I’m sure that you have encountered a lot of write ups on how to impress men during first dates or make up tips for date nights. And, of course, we follow that. I would be a hypocrite if I tell you I ignored Cosmo’s advice. Of course, I followed some of them! But come to think of it, is it really the only way to do it?

Do we always have to follow what these articles tell us? Do we have to wear too much makeup just to be considered pretty or beautiful?

When you love how you look in front of the mirror when you are fully made up, can you also say that you love your bare face after you wipe those cosmetics off with tissue?

We as women have flaws and I believe that we should learn to accept them. I for one have accepted the fact that I will never be any size lower than 8, no matter how I starve myself, but I am all good with that. 🙂

You see, if we accept these imperfections, the real beauty comes out. It is quite sad that our basis of beauty today are from what we read in magazines, leaving every single woman unhappy and miserable.

Cosmetics are wonderful inventions and can be considered a gift to women, yeah? But do not let it rule your world to the point that you cannot leave the house without it.  Let it serve as accessory but do not allow it to alter the true you.

So…what do you think of no makeup for the first dates? 😛



Makeup should never be used to hide yourself.  It should be used to enhance the natural beauty.


11 thoughts on “What If You Don’t Wear Any Makeup On Your First Date?

  1. I think makeup is kind of like Photoshopping a picture you take…

    The original is always beautiful but a little highlighting and color can enhance what Mother Nature created.

    Thanks for this thought-provoking post!

  2. I met my husband when I was to young to be allowed to wear makeup. As a fashion thing makeup should be fun. Hopefully, you can feel beautiful without it. If you have a skin condition, or something, maybe the first date isn’t the best place to disclose that, but certainly before the wedding night!

  3. I think when it comes to trends, it is not mandatory that we follow them all. Speaking for myself, I prefer to have classic choices because for me, it is easier to pull off.

    And it comes with age, I guess? Of course younger generations have bolder and wilder choices and can easily get away with it.

    Thanks, love! 😉 right back at yah.

  4. The irony of our love for cosmetics & vanity. Sometimes ladies get lost in all that & our confidence becomes overly dependent on what it shouldn’t be.

    I’m not sure about men in different parts of the world. But over here in Singapore, I’ve spoken to a handful & it always comes down to one thing – if it looks natural & pretty, awesome. But too much & it becomes a turn-off. I also understood that makeup trends don’t register – bold brows may be in for us at a point, but they might go uhhh….

    Enjoy the blog concept of anything from a woman’s POV. Followed! 😉

  5. hahaha we are on the same page esp when you say that “Is he the only one with the power of choice there?”

    It’s like giving your best foot forward 🙂 til you break both feet.

    Good for you and good for us 😉

  6. I don’t wear a lot of makeup normally, but I don’t think I would go on a first date without at least some mascara and eyeliner. I would just feel naked.

  7. Unless the first date is also a blind date, the people involved have already met in some capacity, and already liked each other enough to set up a first date. Is there a second date if she shows up without makeup? Is that the only possible reason there could be no second date? Is he the only one with the power of choice there? If he’s truly that shallow, does it matter that there’s no second date?

    What if their first date isn’t a little-black-dress kind of affair? What if she shows up in full makeup for a day hike and picnic at the lake?

    So glad I’m out of the dating pool. Ugh. I don’t miss the nonsense, the pressure, the artificiality of it at all.

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