REVIEW: Bag Cushions by PoppyPh

I love bags – that is a given fact.

Buying branded bags is like investing because designer bags are not cheap, yeah? Remember how you search and carefully read reviews of that piece of leather that you were eyeing for? How your heart skipped when you saw them for the first time? (yes, I am like this haha!) That is why whenever we bring our beloved bags for work, shopping or travel, we make sure that we handle them with extra care.

I am sure there are some who would even place their babies in a separate chair while in a restaurant or coffee shop. 🙂 Don’t worry, first of all, I think that is a given and second of all, that is pretty normal. (I guess). LOL. If you are like these type of owners, I am pretty sure that you also store your bags carefully. Maybe you like placing them inside the dust bag and putting it in your cabinet. Or you have a sort of display cabinet, dedicated just for your bags.

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I don’t have display cabinets so I opt for dust bags and storing them in my closet. But not all of my bags are “structured” – or has a form, regardless if it’s empty or not. This is also one reason why I prefer structured type of bags (think of Celine mini luggage). I have bags that when I store, they tend to sag and fold. Typical examples of these are Longchamp bags. I normally stuff them with either bunch of papers that comes with the bag when you first bought them OR I use old clothes or towels just to keep the form. This can work for several months, but not for long. Plus! there is a risk that your bag may be stained or will have a certain odor after some time. Thankfully, I came across PoppyPh.

This is how my improvised bag-insert looks like.
This is how my improvised bag-insert looks like.


Their concept –  pillow for your bag. Pretty simple, right? You may be thinking, why do I have to pay for more when I can buy a pillow from Daiso? Well, the beauty of the concept is that, these cushions are made to fit your bag. It is like a tailored cushion. In other words, CUSTOMISED. You name the bag and they can do a cushion for you. Sounds interesting enough? 🙂

Since it was like meant-to-be that I found out about them at the time I was a bit problematic about the folds in my Jetset tote bag, I searched for their contact details and sent an email. After a few email exchanges, I finalized my list and made the payment so they can already process my orders.

I ordered bag cushions for my Michael Kors Jet Set Medium Tote, Tory Burch Amanda Mini Satchel, and Celine Mini Luggage.

PoppyPh Bag Cushion Review by Berryduchess3

PoppyPh Bag Cushion Review

PoppyPh Bag Cushion Review by Berryduchess

Before and After Photos:

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In summary, here are my overall experience during the entire purchase:

  • Product – 5 / 5
    • Though some may say that it is just a pillow, this is customized, making it fit for your bag.
  • Ease of Use – 5/5
    • There are no hassles in inserting them and zipping the bag; no case of overflowing cushions here.
    • The materials used in these pillows will help keep the bags fresh and dry. 🙂
  • Price – 5/5
    •  It is reasonable for what it’s worth. The price varies on the bag size, you may contact them directly for inquiries.
  • Customer Service  – 3/5
    • This is apparently a room for improvement for PoppyPh.
      • Their product is so good that it is inevitable to have lots and lots of bulk orders, not only within the Philippines but also internationally. Keeping the client informed is important. Again, I am quite sure that with a few tweaks and turns, they can definitely adjust to the great demand of their clients.
  • Shipping / Delivery – 5/5
    • Since I am from Singapore, the shipping fee that I paid is more than the local charges. But I am happy that my product was shipped and delivered as promised by the courier.
  • Will I purchase again?
    • Why not. But at the moment, I need to save for my next bag (haha)
  • Will you recommend it?
    • Definitely. I also hope that they expand internationally 😛

At this point, I would like to congratulate PoppyPh for coming up with a great product.  It is simple and straight-forward, but very helpful. So my dear friends and followers, think about it and give it a try. 🙂

And to you my dear readers, thank you for your time and may you this product review helpful. I hope to catch you again soon.  Please check the contact details of PoppyPh below:

PoppyPh thepoppyph


Mobile: +63 917 706 3576

Instagram: @thepoppyph


xoxo berryduchess

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