The Adventures of Job Hunting

2 days ago, I applied for a new job. Then I got an email for a scheduled assessment and so I prepared for it. Today was the assessment day, I excused myself from my current work, woke up around 7:30 am to prep up. My husband and I even had a fight last night, because I forgot to print my resume. So I had to go out in the middle of the night to get the CV printed.

Going back to my story…

So I prepared, picked my best suit and headed to the office where I will be interviewed. It was so hot here in Manila and getting a cab was (always) a challenge. Fortunately, I got one after waiting for 15 minutes.



I arrived and came in, handed over my CV and waited for instructions. The receptionist handed us a form to be filled out. Together with the other 4 applicants, we went thru the form and completed them. After submitting the accomplished form, we were asked to transfer to the other side of the room for a short exam. The total number of items for the English exam is less than 50, and we were given 15 minutes to finish the questions. After the given time, they got our papers and asked to wait for the result. After 10 minutes, guess what?  No one passed the exam!

We kind of laughed on our way out. In the elevator, one of the applicants commented, “how could that just happen? I just cant believe that no one passed. it’s way impossible” So we were thinking the same thing. The other was even saying, “they are not even speaking in English, and they will tell us no one passed?

Two good points, right? My 2 cents on this will be:

First, how can you assess the skills and capability of an applicant with a mere 15-minute exam? I mean c’mon. Not even more than 50 items.

Second, the other applicants were professional teachers, graduated with the degree of AB English. Isn’t that just bull? 2 other applicants wereeven teachers from St. Scholastica (one of the exclusive schools in the Philippines).

Anyway, I went home and here I am, sharing my story with you. But again, I feel sad that the exam turned that way. I don’t know if it was me, or us, or maybe the company.

In any case, I will just charge it to experience.



One thought on “The Adventures of Job Hunting

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